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1-Setting background to entire app. 2-Slidebar pictures with different resolutions


Is it possible to add background to entire application? I need to set a background behind and around the page.
And what should I do when I’ve got some photos with different resolution and I want them all in a Sliderbar element?

I’m really new to Bubble and I’ve never wrote a single code before. So I may have too many basic questions, also I try to find my answer in forum before ask it here.


It seems no one cares to help new comers on this community, I look after myself from now on


People are helpful here, but sometimes you need to be patient to get a reply. There are folks from all sorts of timezones wandering around here, so not everybody is available all the time.

For your background image, you need to set the page background type to an “image.” Then, you can specify the image itself and it’ll show up in the editor. You might need to tinker with the additional settings that pop up, but it’s pretty easily done.

For the slidebar menu, I have never used it, but I don’t believe it supports images.

Hope this helps!