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anyone ever figured out how to change the status bar color in iOS? The problem seems to be that the status bar itself has no background if the app is not scrolled:

I would like to give the top (status bar) and bottom a color… i think that has something to do with the background color of the viewcontroller, but not sure how to change this in objc…

Dear @JohnMark,
Thanks for your reply. I am not sure I explained myself clearly. Let me try to demonstrate with a screenshot. Let’s say I am on any URL in my mobile browser

Now clicking on the overflow option in the top opens the below menu which has a share option:

When I click on the share option, a bunch of apps- like whatsapp, twitter, pocket etc are shown which I can share the URL to:

I want our Bubble app to show up here too like whatsapp, pocket, twitter etc. Would that be possible?



I think this might have to do with your SEO settings and site description. Add a site description in the editor und upload a logo in the settings

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Hi all.
I’ve followed the steps set out in this thread and my wesbsite has been sucesfully wrapped and accepted onto the PlayStore!
All works great, except the photo upaloader doesn’t work…
Has anyone found a solution for this yet? I’d be very grateful!

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Has anyone figured out a way to use the vision function already? Trying to implement a QR-Code Scanner but cannot find a way to trigger the action and pull the data into Bubble…

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I am stuck here. Can anyone help?

Hello @brandonstuch

You must install the demo app (#1) and work from there.

hey, thanks for the reply. unfortunately, that doesnt work either. i may have to lean to BDK even though I really wanted this to work :frowning:

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Hello @brandonstuch

You have to use an older version of Xcode (see above). If it didn’t work, try the jasonelle forum on Telegram (see above).

Hey everybody! I’m wondering if anybody has any pointers when using the service what native features to add through the service versus using bubbles features? I have an app that I have converted to a single page app that I want to use Jasonelle to create an iOS file. I am wondering what kind of native features I would need to add so that Apple approves my project. Or am I confused and does it just need to look like a mobile app and not a website?

We livestream how to make your Bubble App mobile native every Thursday at 7pm EST on Twitch.

More details here.

Hope to see you there!
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Hello folks,
I am very close to complete my project, but I’m experiencing an issue.
The content of my APP cannot be zoom in on a mobile device, despite the check box “Prevent the user from zooming” is unticked .

I would like the users to be able to zoom in the text with a smile size inside my app.

Do you know how to deal with this problem?
Thank you in advance :wink:

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Hello @jddmrgn

Have you tried to use some photos uploader plugins? I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Have you tried to consult the Jasonelle forum (see above) ?


I know it was long ago, but I solved it yesterday and reading through the whole thread I realised I was not the only one having this issue lately. So I share my solution here.

Let’s get started. This means file does not exists in that folder. So probably it is somewhere else. You should do a search in /Users/1/Desktop/jasonette-ios-master folder for file named “setting.plist”. In my case I got the result Desktop/jasonette-ios-master/xcode/App/, that’s where my setting.plist file was. Probably yours is located there.

Now you have the file, what I recommend to do is opening the setup file in a text editor. See pictures below:

Next picture you can see my example highlighted, how I fixed the problem.

On the left, in the text editor I highlighted 2 rows. The first one I commented out with a “#” sign is what you also have. The second line changed, thus showing the right path to find the folder.
…/ means go back one folder. You need to use it twice because setup file is in tools/legacy/, but the settings.plist in xcode/app/ folder. Thus, solution is cat > …/…/xcode/app/settings.plist <<EOF

Next issue:

You have to do the same steps as at the first one. Find where your Jasonette.xcworkspace file is, then in the setup file, you have to change the path. After you solve this 2, you may got other “file does not exist” error, then you should fix those paths as well.

But anyway, I upload the differences I had. Left one is the old one, right one is the new one which works for me.

After this, running your setup up file and following the inscturctions in it that should launch your app.
Hope it will help.


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