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10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 🔷

Manage to reach here, but won’t start, also can’t connect to phone, op direction outdated needs update

Hi @info_ptmx

Read the post carefully. I know it’s long now. You must have Xcode ver. 10.2 no higher.

Direct message me (DM) or use Jasonelle forum on Stack.

You mean only 10.2 higher vision don’t work ?

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Fundraising to build a Jasonelle plugin. We need your participation :slight_smile:

Fundraising to create a plugin for iOS and Android with Jasonelle


Hey @JohnMark
Can’t find the setup file :frowning:

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Hello @kodjima33

Links are in the first post: “click here”

Look for Fundraising to create a plugin for Jasonelle

Mark, there is no such setup file in the downloadable package nor for IOS, neither for android


I found one in \tools\legacy. Legacy feels like depreciated?

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I have my app running in the Jasonelle wrapper, easy peasy. Thanks John. Considering this example with audio recording - how does one integrate native functions like the camera? How do you start the camera and how do you get the picture taken back to the Bubble app?


Hi Everyone, John,

This looks very promising! I was just thinking of trying this out and try to build an android app, but when downloading the latest zip from GitHub I can’t find the “Setup” that’s mentioned.

When looking at the other command files and their command line syntaxes it seems that i’m unable to find the correct one to create a new App and start tehe Android studio directly.

What am I missing? (probably something very silly…)


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Hello @bas1

build.gradle is the file. Open Studio and open “build.gradle”

Fundraising to build a Jasonelle plugin. We need your participation :slight_smile: : Week 3

Fundraising to create a plugin for iOS and Android with Jasonelle

Any questions?

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Hello @JohnMark,

Forgive me for my ignorance but I’m almost ashamed to say I’m struggling with jasonelle. At STEP 3 I try to create my JSON URL it sends me to a website that is asking me to make an offer on that Am i missing something.

Hi @dmerriman owner didn’t renew sadly, it was the jasonelle creator who died 2 years ago. Install first the “demo app” to see if everything is working fine (selection 1).


I would like to follow your advice, so build with Bubble and then use it in combination with Jasonelle to launch on the App stores. So I would really want my Bubble output to be a downloadable app, not just a web app visible on a mobile phone.

Is it an absolute must to tick the box “index>appearance>this page is a native app” in this case, or can I also follow your instructions leaving this box unticked?

Thanks a lot for your post and looking forward to your response!

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Hi @jrscholman

It’s exactly that.

Yes, unchecked.

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Thanks @JohnMark ! That is such a relief since building it in native app mode is a bit more difficult…

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@JohnMark Thank you for all this amazing work!

Step 1 is linked to this GitHub repo: but there is no setup file under JASONETTE-iOS-master anymore… however, I have found a setup file under tools>legacy should I be using this one?


According to post #259 there seems to be another repo that also fits your instructions since there is a setup file in the root folder:

Which repo should I be using?

If you’re able to, it may be worth updating post #1 to reflect the solution.

Hi Everyone,

We reach the number! :partying_face:
We found the plugin developer.
More to come in a few hours or days :slight_smile:

It’s time to receive your advice, comments, suggestions or anything.
Let’s make it happen.


Link : Fundraising-to-create-a-plugin-for-ios-and-android

Hello everyone! We found a plugin developer and pushed the barrier much higher. The concept is that you will be able to develop an iOS or Android application completely independent of Bubble or integrated with Bubble. It’s a first. The genius of the idea is Vini who has produced several plugins in the past. I’ll let him answer your questions. Here is the procedure for sending your donation (a bit complicated in my opinion, but it does the job :slight_smile: ). Vini @vini_brito spent a lot of time building a follow-up with donors. Here are the steps to make your 50$ donation. I’m going to ask you one by one to accomplish our mission.