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10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 🔷

Link : Fundraising-to-create-a-plugin-for-ios-and-android

Hello everyone! We found a plugin developer and pushed the barrier much higher. The concept is that you will be able to develop an iOS or Android application completely independent of Bubble or integrated with Bubble. It’s a first. The genius of the idea is Vini who has produced several plugins in the past. I’ll let him answer your questions. Here is the procedure for sending your donation (a bit complicated in my opinion, but it does the job :slight_smile: ). Vini @vini_brito spent a lot of time building a follow-up with donors. Here are the steps to make your 50$ donation. I’m going to ask you one by one to accomplish our mission.


Fundraising in progress… please we need your contribution. Let’s go!

Thanks for all actual donors! Together we are stronger.

Hello! These instructions are written directly by me, Vini, the plugin builder :slight_smile:

1 - Go to
2 - Click the orange “Get started” button.
3 - Sign in.
4 - Open the menu and click the “Open plugins” to see the open plugins section.
5 - In the plugin currently named “Native app conjurer” (accepting suggestions!) click the yellow button “Offer to sponsor this plugin available!”.
6 - If you’re interested, click the yellow button “Yes, this is what I want, email me an invoice”.
7 - Go to your email and see the Paypal invoice that was immediately, automatically sent to you, check spam folder if the Paypal email landed there and if it’s a gmail, check other inbox tabs (promotions, updates etc).
8 - Click the link and pay the invoice in the Paypal page.
9 - Tap yourself in the back :wave: for me since we’re far away and you deserve it for participating in a group effort.
10 - Sit back, relax and wait for updates on the plugin :wink: they will be proactively emailed to you


Hey John!

Is a single-page app necessary in order for Jasonelle to work? I’ve got my eye on a specific template that I want to use but it’s not a one page app unfortunately.


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Hello @bas1

Absolutely not! the advantage of a single page is the transition speed. The disadvantage under Bubble is that it gets too heavy sometimes if the application is too complex. I’ve moved from one page to several pages in the past. Happy result.


Good Monday morning. Target 40. Donation 10. Let’s go guys!

The link: Fundraising link

News from @vini_brito today.

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News from Vini:


Are you still short John? Are you still raising?

Yep, we’re still raising (:
Still not enough, currently we only got enough for an alpha.

@JohnMark Hi, John, I am new to Jasonette and still trying to create my first app. I downloaded the executible files for Android but can’t seem to file the ‘Setup’ icon according to the attached image. Where could it be possibly? Thank you very much! bubble .

What’s the goal and where are you guys at?


40, we’re at ~16, there are more details here:


Can you repost the solution here? the Slack Channel does not seem to be active

Any idea why it’s showing No Device when I have created an Android Virtual Device?

Hello @dylanp

What I know is if you using a real phone, it works. You can ask your question on the new jasonelle channel[email protected]
or on Android forum or Android Central

Hey guys, did you make a donation as promised to help for the plugin?

update: We’re at 22 out of 40. (Jul 10)

Let’s go guys.



So I’ve been playing around with this over the past couple weeks, and I can say that it’s more of a pain that their site makes it out to be, so having a plugin to do it automatically would be very nice.

For those of you stuck on various things, I’ll do my best to provide some insights:


The android version doesn’t have a setup script, but that’s ok. You can just import the project using android studio, and change a couple variables (the name, urls, and package name) and you’re pretty much good to go.


The setup script on the iOS versions is under the legacy folder, as someone pointed out above. In my experience, the script is broken. Taking a look through it, I think it might have something to do with the fact that the directory structure of the project has changed from when it was first written (at least in version 2.0). In order to get it to work, I followed the instructions for manual setup here:

IMPORTANT: Open the Jasonette.xcworkspace file, NOT the Jasonette.xcodeproj file. The iOS project is setup using cocoapods, and if you open the xcodeproj file directly it will fail to build. Once you’re all set up, you can change the name and url in the settings.plist and info.plist files in Xcode, detailed in the link above.

I also found this stack overflow post detailing how to change the overall project name. This also provides instructions on how to change the package id:

Although it is a cocoapods project, I ended up not having to clear and reinstall pods to get it to change. I also didn’t change the name of the “Jasonette” subfolder (the one with Actions, Components, Core, Services, Tests, Views, and Info.plist).

ONE MORE THING: If, like me, your xcode simulator wouldn’t launch the app after pressing play, go into your schema editing and under run -> Build Configuration: Debug, select the .app executable. Then save the schema and choose an iphone variant for your simulator.


I have found using Jasonelle for android v 2.1 (also seems to be an issue in v2.0) that the preload.json file which is supposed to show a screen while the app is loading doesn’t seem to ever be displayed. I let them know about this in their telegram channel and they are yet to look into it thoroughly, so we might just have to accept not being able to have a loading screen for now. I haven’t tried any of this on the iOS version, I wouldn’t even know how.


Now an unrelated issue:

Has anyone here managed to get google OAUTH authentication working with bubble + Jasonelle? I am using the Google sign-in plugin, but it seems that Google disallows oauth from within webviews and other embedded browsers. Short of spoofing the user agent, I don’t know how I’d go about addressing this.

EDIT: Removed unnecessary quote of myself


Hello @austin3

Excellent update. Have you asked if it was possible to do Google OAUTH inside Jasonelle? I hope you will find a solution and share it. If you are interested in the new Jasonelle plugin, it will be able to correct your need.

Jul 14 update: 19 on 40. Please help!

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Hello @JohnMark and everyone else

I know we are waiting for the plug-in, but as that may still take a while I am struggeling to get this to work for Android. I have the most recent Andoid studio, I have v2.0 of Jasonette-Android-Master and the demo runs nicely.

Yet, when I replace the file name and set-up the jasonelle Return data from API workflow I keep getting an “offline” on the android virtual device.

Here is the code in the jasonelle API

And this is a screenshot from the android studio

Any suggestion what needs to be tweaked? I am a bit lost.

Thank you

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Hello @jamesrizziandme

Bubble doesn’t support the GET command. You must convert it to a POST. I used Integromat to convert as explained above in this forum. Welcome to Bubble :partying_face: