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10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 🔷

Hey @JohnMark,

How do I get the json url? Jasonbase is not in use but the setup leads me there.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @TTMulti

Your application must point to a Bubble API (BackEnd workflows) as explained above.

Hi @JohnMark,

I am so lost in the 382 messages :confounded: , I have really abused my COMMAND+F to find what you are referring to ‘Your application must point to a Bubble API (BackEnd workflows) as explained above.’ But with no luck… Could you please link it or explain.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @TTMulti

It is necessary to count from the beginning my 33 rd post or the post 69 exactly. :sweat_smile:
In 2019 “BackEnd Workflows” was “API Workflows”.

Ha, Thank you lots @JohnMark

And to be sure, can I now use the newest xCode? Or still an older version? If so; which v?

Yes, older version until next Jasonnelle version (no date from now).

Hi JohnMark,
We are at the final stages of developing our native app (and wanting to use BDK to wrap) but running into a few problems:

  1. Native Datepicker for iOS 14 not working is there a good solution to fix this?
  2. Problem taking a picture and saving it in Android
  3. finding a good rating review API/plug in
    Any ideas/direction appreciated.

Hello @geraldrossen

Using Jasonelle is free and independent but I invited you to use BDK (+200$). Can’t help with the datepicker as I use Bubble inside my iOS app. Picture must work. For more help under Android go to Telegram/Jasonelle. Didn’t catch your question 3. :sweat_smile:

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Is v11.6 okay? (instead of 12.2/3)

Hello @TTMulti

Hi @JohnMark
Thank you so much!
My apologies for my continuous questions, I’m pretty new to this all.

So I don’t have any options to create a ‘Endpoint’, also no ’ Return data from API action to configure the json file…

Do you know how why and how I solve this… :frowning:?


Taking it on :sunglasses:

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@maksym.kurinniy Congrats! Jasonelle is a great product and wisely designed! :partying_face:
Let me know if I can do something.

@TTMulti BackEnd workflows available from Personal Bubble account (and up).

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Hi @JohnMark

first of all, thank you for this! I am going to try it! Is this ‘wrapper’ still working?

So I’ve created my ’ return data from api’ workflow as you said it is a better/new solution for the json file. But what do I now fill in in the setup file?
(‘Enter the Json URL if you have one’) , I have created the return API endpoint but I don’t know what to fill in on the setup. I am a complete rookie and just trying this for the first time. Do I skip the whole setup file? haha…

Also, 2: I am getting the ’ No such file in directory for the following, but I think it might be because i am not filling in the ‘Home Json Url’ correctly?

/Users/Smala/Downloads/jasonette-ios-master 2/tools/legacy/Setup: line 24: app/Jasonette/settings.plist: No such file or directory

/Users/Smala/Downloads/jasonette-ios-master 2/tools/legacy/Setup: line 49: app/Jasonette/Info.plist: No such file or directory

sed: app/Jasonette.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: No such file or directory

[ICON] Add a PNG or JPG image to the ‘icon’ folder and press Enter…

Also, 3: not sure where the ‘icon’ folder is… (Yes I have really downloaded the master zip :smiley: .)

Hopefully you can help me out a little bit. Looking forward to trying this!


(my url there:D)

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Thanks for your feedback on datepicker and camera.
Looking for users to leave rating & reviews on a marketplace app we are building. The rating/review API we are working with now defaults to 1 star if none is specified which is not good. Was wondering if you were familiar with a good rating/review API plug in.

Hope this is more clear.

Welcome your thoughts.

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Hello @Smala3108, yes jasonelle ‘app and wrapper’ is working. Use version 10 of Xcode.

Inside Xcode you put the URL from your Bubble API you just created.
Please see example somewhere at the beginning of this post.


If you set you API in manuel mode, you have to do this the first time:


Don’t forget to remove the ‘version-test’ when you push LIVE your app. Not easy, I know :sweat_smile:

Icon is configured inside Xcode and Studio (Android).

Hello @geraldrossen
There’s a plugin name rating.

@JohnMark So does that mean I skip the setup file (like instructed at the start of this thread?)

When I run the setup, I get the 'no such file in directory issue.

When I skip the setup and start up the Jasonette.xcodeproj, I change the settings.plist URL input to the webhook for my url ` > * The webhook I created in integromat as you explained. When I run the xcode project I get build failed… with these error’s, red marks most concerning. I have no idea how to fix it :frowning:

What am I doing wrong? I have not changed/moved anything in the

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Hi @JohnMark,

Can it be that the mapping is not correct in the master ios zip?

I am also getting 'SDWebImage/UIImageView+WebCache.h' file not found when opening the xcode project, and even before changing anything (using file://hello.json) before changing this to my *

How can I fix this? I tried moving files to the mapping it says it’s looking for but then another pops up and so on.

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Hi @Smala3108 and @TTMulti

Are you using the version 10 of Xcode ? The first step is to be sure it is working with the original Jasonelle setup and example. Once you get there, you replace things. If not, I will suggest to post your technical question to the Jasonelle forum on Telegram. Let me know how’s going.

Hi @JohnMark

I’m getting the error’s directly on launch with the jasonelle example setup. I will post in the telegram forum. Hopefully you can help me out there!

Thanks in advance.

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