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10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 🔷
this link is now working (replacing L by l ) but I can’t see the code. Something’s wrong.

Okay so the problem should come from my Integromat integration. And apparently, I am the only one to have this problem so it should be something really obvious… Just to be sure, are we agreed with:

If we can’t found out the solution, I will use the old way with a json file upload on bubble.

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Done but it’s still not working… I give up and do with the old way.

Last question and after that, I don’t bother you anymore! My app has to allow the user to capture photo and video with his smartphone, and do audio record. At the moment, the user can just have access to his library:

I understand that I have to add a script in my json file to allow those functions and to create a webhook on Integromat with AWS (Wasabi in my case).

Is there an easier method to do so? Do you know where I can find the script for my json file?

Thank you again for your help and your patience!

PS: the answer is maybe we can’t have access to a fake camera function with xcode simulator but I just want to be sure :wink:

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:partying_face: Celebration for ALL of us! :partying_face: Bubble and APP is working fine together.
We reach +50,000 views. Thanks to all contributors.

Most popular tread still alive! :sweat_smile:


Hi Cam, @JohnMark were you able to get this solved? I tried using the older method, copy the URL, and paste it to Xcode. However, I am seeing a blank screen on the Simulator, and a lot of errors when compiling.

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It worked for me. Can you show us your Xcode setting.list and your json file?

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I input www. in front of my subdomain. After I removed www., it is now working. What is the process to publish the app to the apple store and google play?

I also have some challenges getting the page margin correctly. As you can see on the first screenshot, everything seems to shift up (has white space on the bottom and no white space on the top), and on the second screenshot, since the RG has more content on this page, it pushed the top and bottom floating groups to the very top and bottom not giving enough whitespace on both sides.

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Hello @opaper

Need some adjustment inside Bubble responsive mode. Isn’t related to Jasonelle. I tried to keep this tread informative. You can open a new tread and ask for help if you don’t find the solution.

i took a shot at writing out the steps but it’s still a bit rough, though you may find it helpful if you’re still stuck. i would go through jon melo’s youtube video a few times and make your own notes as it’s easy to miss a step here or there:


I follow the instructions , but can’t find in step number 3

Same I’m stuck, impossible to display my website.
I’ve made the index.json I’ve change the url into the settings.plist but it continue to show me a white screen.

I have the same problem.

Thanks to that post, I’ve finally successfully display an html page from the Simulator on iOS.

  1. Download here: GitHub - jasonelle/jasonette-ios: 📱📡 Native Apps with JSON, on iOS 🍎
  2. Create json with url and upload into bubble
  3. Past this url from the bubble json file into setting.plist
  4. Select Jasonette into the list file on xcode (near the the list of simulators)
  5. Run


perhaps an even simpler approach: Create WebView in App (Swift 5, Xcode 12, 2021) - iOS Development - YouTube

Something I’m trying to learn given the latest response I got from Apple and that I’m trying to integrate Admob and Jasonette supports only a deprecated version:

ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage - New apps that use UIWebView are no longer accepted. Instead, use WKWebView for improved security and reliability. Learn more (Apple Developer Documentation)

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Is that mean that we can’t successfully upload app from jasonelle webview into app store ?

Maybe they will let you upload your initial version of the app, as I was able to, but I think Jasonelle hasn’t been updated in a while so you can expect it to get mothballed. However, I encourage you to follow the ios academy video as it’s even easier than the jasonelle setup. After all, are we doing in either setup is passing the bubble app url to ios. The benefit of this new method is you don’t need to worry about the index.json file and it’s using the latest version of xcode and the SwiftUI. I also found that with Jasonette, I had to specify a bunch of privacy features that I wasn’t using in the settings.plist.


Okay, thanks for this fast speed response. I’ll watch the video and try the solution then came with feedback. Thanks.

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Hello @JohnMark (or anybody else who knows), can you please tell us if there is any real drawback in using the uploaded file version URL as Jasonelle’s primary view? I couldn’t find the specific answer. Until now I was using the Integromat way as you told it to be better, but I’ve already ran out of scenarios and I am only in the development phase, and ofc I want to avoid paying them as long as possible.


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Hello @Michal

Until Bubble has the internal GET, you have to use outsider like Integromat.