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Hello @Michal

Until Bubble has the internal GET, you have to use outsider like Integromat.

Hello and thanks for the answer, but I understand this.

I am just trying to get why that would be better than just standardly GET the json from the hosted file in the bubble settings.

Only benefit I found was that I could write dynamic values into the json trough the backend workflow, which is quite a big one depending on what you are trying to accomplish, but apart from that, is there any other advantage/disadvantage in the Bubble-hosted file vs API-returned json?

There’s a Jasonelle branch that uses POST instead of GET.
That way you are able to hit your backend workflow. I think it’s the main one now. I’ll be releasing something soon, there I have the link to this specific branch I’m mentioning.

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Hello everyone !
I followed the tutorial (very useful by the way) And I got myself stuck with a issue I don’t know how to resolve.
I built a native app via bubble and, when I try to use the “pictureUploader” element or the “FileUploader” element, there is no effect, except the sstyle put when “the element is pressed”.
Is it because of the way to put it, is there a line to add in the “index.json” file ? And, more importantly, is it fixable ?

Best regard !

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Hello @nathan.colin53

I used this plugin to upload and it’s working fine under iOS.

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latest version which I can access, that is 2.1, doesn’t seem to be able to do this, and when I tried to override it myself to use POST, I stumbled across another problems which I am not capable of solving with my Java level, like this in RealWebSocket.kt:


So, is the branch you are talking about public or is it just your private plugin-dev version?

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Hi dears, I have a problem with the “Picture Upload” element. I have an application that I converted it to APK with Jasonette, when I use the “Picture Upload” item and go back without uploading a picture, the “Picture Upload” stops working.