$1000 Looking for freelance dev for scheduling/services webapp

Need dev to create web app with the following features:

Employee Portal Sections:

  1. Log in page
  2. Initial Sign Up (Name, email, phone, venmo or bank account info)
  3. Weekly availability (need to be able to select days and times they are available to work and edit this as needed) - Error message/request denial should display if they try to change availability and there is already a booking.
  4. Upcoming shifts shows customer/booking information for services for each team member
  5. Admin page with master calendar of employee availability and upcoming booked services and cost of service.

Customer Booking Site (main page)

  1. Calendar Availability (this should reflect employee availability so they can only book time when employees are available)
  2. Select services. Able to select minimum 3 hour windows of time and book additional time for extra cost (and if the employee is available)
    2a. Select additional service add-ons from a dropdown menu
    2b. Input cross streets (location) of service request
  3. Checkout using credit card or apple pay
  4. After booking, email sent to employee, customer & admin account with confirmation (customer name, phone, email, location of service, date/time)
  5. Booking info saved to a ‘master’ calendar for admin account
  6. Booking logic (to select which employee to schedule if two employees have the same availability) should default to whoever ‘saved their availability first’
    6a. If employee A saves change to availability, the ‘date’ is always updates so the most senior availability is always given priority for bookings.

Would like the webapp to be developed with bubble so that I can modify/add capabilities in the future as needed. I have a domain bought (through google cloud services) - need to be able to forward traffic to the web app.

email john2286@gmail.com to submit proposal/for more info if needed. $1000 budget - 2 week timeline preferred.


Hi @bowtiedohm

I’ve just sent you an email.



Thanks all - this is resolved

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