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$100m investment, will Bubble now care for startups and change their anti-scale pricing?

Bubble’s whole schtick is that it is there to support its users and scale with their business but their pricing in no way shows this and it is a concern shared by many in the community who are only just getting started with their businesses.

Cost should scale relative to the requirement of the business, where as with the current pricing, it immediately jumps from Personal (zero scalability with no additional capacity) to Professional… an 350% increase in pricing? For what? I can see no justification for this level of pricingn, what if i just needed a little more capacity?

Love this product and the community, but Bubble should remove any mention of it being “scalable” unless it changes its current pricing. Hope to see a good community targeted change in pricing soon.

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Yeah the jump for us from $129 to $529 to add a seat for an Ops / CS person is super prohibitive.


Where do you see such pricing?

@reeceb I see you are upset with the pricing. Though, I feel compelled to point out that the tone of your message is not constructive and only serves to make people take you less seriously. I’d remove the word “garbage” from your title.

We all love this community and we love what Bubble is building for us. I’m pretty sure we all hate negativity as well. It serves no purpose. Constructive criticism is what we all want to see. Bubble loves constructive criticism.


Agree 100%. Criticism should always be in a friendly manner and be constructive!

I see them as $115 and $475 respectively.

I have several live applications running perfectly on the Professional plan. I never needed the Production plan yet.

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That’s nice to hear, but there are many of us who don’t want to pay a 350% payment increase (Personal to Pro & Pro to Production) to have additional added capacity when the time comes. It’s unjustifiable and unsupportive of startup businesses and most importantly it goes against their own beliefs of scalability.

You can add up to 8 capacity units without changing a plan(at least on pro)


Use the boost feature and add a single unit of capacity — I don’t know the cost of that now, but in the past I recall it was $20/month per unit of capacity added. That might be a way to have some additional capacity without needing to spend 350% more, and as you need to scale again, add another unit until your business is ready to scale to a higher plan type.

I’m not speaking from experience, so maybe this is not possible?

Correct, it is not possible. They removed added capacity from the Personal plan.

Well, I personally do not care much about the costs of higher than Personal plans (which mean that app is having success) while it is RELIABLE. Not at the moment.

Strange. I even cannot find that option in the Pricing | Bubble - where it is located? I have thought there is an unlimited number of users in top tiers.

Editor seats /= app users

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The $115 and $475 are if you buy it annually and not monthly. Monthly prices are what @bernard_bubble has there.

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I do have to agree it can be a bit shocking to see the differences in price and try to but a value on the extra features you get with each one. They have their own costs for things on their end and they need to make a profit too but it does seem steep. For example, last I checked 10gb of storage was $10 a month? That seems so steep and I’d much rather go to AWS and get 100gb for around the same if not less. I understand they need to make a profit but I feel personally (and I in no way claim to understand how their pricing ideology works) that for those less technical, the huge cost of storage and plans can be an absolute deal breaker when they learn they have to implement something like aws. Often this means hiring a developer who understands how it all works, which can then add hundreds if not thousands of dollars in development.

It does feel like bubble can get very expensive very quickly if you need anything more than the bare minimum.

On the other side of the coin, I love bubble. The power it gives me to follow my dreams is something I just cant find anywhere else. It is so powerful, the support team seems to be super active and helpful, the community is one of the most helpful I’ve seen anywhere in any space and the constant patches, immediate attention to bugs and new features coming out almost every week is such an encouraging and positive thing to see as someone who wants to earn a living using the tools bubble has created. Whilst I think bubble has a lot of room for improvement in the area of customer happiness, ease of use and accessibility for those less technical, I think where they are right now is amazing and they’ve done an amazing job and they should genuinely be congratulated for that. Seeing what the team has done for the past 4 years, I have no doubt it’s only up from here for everyone using bubble.

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No doubt bubble is an incredible platform, but from what i’ve read and heard from others in the community is that they’ve basically been profitable since day 1. The prices they have now are unjustifiably high and startups would be their most likely target market… given that, it seems like they’re pulling the rug out from underneath themselves.

I’ve read through their previous post when prices where changed and many where complaining about the steep pricing with no justification and the founders didn’t provide any substantial answers. I’d just like to know where bubble plans to go moving forward and if they have any intent on creating a realistic scalable pricing structure @emmanuel ?


As a long time Bubble user who’s worked on many startups within the Bubble ecosystem, I can say that Bubble’s pricing scales to meet your needs as a growing company.

The increase in price reflects a number of benefits that Bubble provide, such as managed security, ease of deployment and integration and not to mention their support and the platform itself.

When you take all of that into account, the pricing for the value provided by Bubble is fantastic and all the ‘hard’ parts of development are handled for you by Bubble.

I’d rather Bubble priced themselves in a way where they are successful and continually grow, than have them price themselves too low and be restricted in how they can deploy budget.

Just my thoughts on it

A different Reece :rofl:

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Agree with @help, for an mvp with traction and actual users, paying $529/month is nothing compared to hiring front/back/full stack devs. With highest level of code abstraction, logic delegation (auth, CRUD, css/responsiveness, etc) nothing on the market comes close to what bubble offers. On the other hand, when you app is making good revenue and gets huuuge enough, might be a good idea to have something for redundancy, like actually having devs on a team, with traditional aws/firebase app as a back up.

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