1px gap between iOS status bar and fixed header

Hi everyone,
There is a 1px (or so) gap between the iOS status bar and the fixed header(floating group) of my app. It only shows occasionally and it reveals the content of the page below the fixed header.
It shows mostly when opening a sliding menu inside the fixed header. The menu expands and shows that 1px gap. If i scroll the page while the menu is still open, the gap disappears.

I currently have these meta tags:

I had to add the theme-color meta tag in order to have a white status bar, as it was displaying a black bar by default.

And I’m just adding the app to home screen from Safari.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


it occurs to me also. Did you solved it?

I converted my app into a native iOS app and the gap was still showing.
I then switched to a different iOS wrapper and now it very rarely shows.
One workaround is to setup the status bar to be transparent. In that way, the gap won’t be visible.

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