1T - CSV Creator 3.0 Plugin

Hi everyone,
I need some help with this great plugin created by @eli
I am able to generate the CSV I need and am also able to ultimately create a file to save to my db.
The issue I am having is that the workflow to create the new thing (file) runs before the CSV creator has finished creating the file itself and therefore saves nothing to the database.

Thanks for your kind help.

I figured it out. Thank you.

Ok keep your secrets @openhousevisitors :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Not my intention. Happy to share.
I actually ended up doing it differently but the solution to my question was actually simple.
There is an element that is available that you can use to run your tasks in, which only executes once the csv creator has finished creating the file.


I was just messing you you! I just started using this plugin and I was curious. Thanks for providing that image for reference. Iā€™m jumping into it this weekend.