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1T - CSV Creator 3.0

the :format as json safe did the job (don’t forget to remove quote on those data). ping @lancegerarrd

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Hello @eli

I’ve some trouble with big export, searching for different tables :confused:

Timeout when 7500 lines to export. An idea how i can fix this ? thank you!

This is a personal plan app, I add a “boost” to test but same same :confused:

It’ look useful for me! thanks!

hey @eli, another question :slight_smile: How to not loose leading zeros ? When I export a csv with phone numbers, the first 0 disappear. In logs when the file is created, 0 are here, but since the file is previewed in email or opened in Gsheets, there is no more zeros. Thanks to you!

Hey @Sarah_Esteve, I’m working on an update for this plugin to handle this and a couple other issues. The values with leading zeros are being converted to numbers instead of remaining as text.

On the large export, there are workarounds for that issue. I’ll have some new videos within a couple of weeks that help explain how to solve for it.

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Hey @josh10, I don’t have an editor available now but am setting one up that people can have access to. Give me a couple weeks for this.

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:pray::pray::pray: thx a lot!!

Hey @Sarah_Esteve , I know @eli is working on a solution but I thought it was worth mentioning that you might be able to build a temp table with a recursive workflow then send the result of that to the CSV? great article on that here How To Set Up Recursive Workflows In Bubble - Amlie Solutions

I’ve found I got timeouts when importing more than 1-2K records when there’s lots of searches going on - and using a workflow to process this made things far more stable (there also a constant you can change to tune the wait time between steps).

It also gives you the chance to build your final file in multiple passes so you can use the most efficient way to get your data together.

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@johnnyweb solution here is how large exports must be created. Generate the json incrementally through a recursive workflow.

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@Sarah_Esteve I’ve been experimenting with exporting this in different ways but seems like the issue with leading zeros being removed remains unless you import the file direct from within Excel. Here’s a video going over that process: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hi @eli ,

I had this working beautifully and am now getting an error popup (I removed the error code in case it’s identifying)

Error code: Temporary error connecting to CSV Creator - New File from Base64 (raw message: ‘‘error_class’:‘UnexpectedError’,‘args’:’‘code’:‘removed’’,‘message’:‘Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!’’)

Bubble tech support tell me
They’ve been able to look up the error code in our internal logs, and the exact error coming back from the attempted API call made by the plugin is “RequestHeaderSectionTooLarge” with the message “Your request header section exceeds the maximum allowed size. Maximum Size Allowed: 8192”

Logs seem to show

  • The JSON is built
  • The file appears to be built
  • Copying the file to storage seems to be where the error occurs.

Using CSV Creator SSA and New File from Base64

Doesn’t matter if I run it front or backend in the workflow

Many thanks in advance,


I’ve resolved it myself, but leaving my dumb mistake here for all to learn from.

The clue was in the steps I noted where everything was built but the file wasn’t created. I’d changed how the filename was being built and used the wrong field - creating a filename that was too long to be created.

Nothing to see here . . .works beautifully again

Hi @eli,

The dates from exporting are not aligned.

Screenshot 2022-07-03 111634

Is your plugin automatically converting texts into dates? If so, are you able to undo that? I’m using a European format

The plugin doesn’t do any dynamic typing. This is an issue with how the spreadsheet software is interpreting the data. It’s obviously converting any cell with a valid MMDDYYYY format into a date.

If you don’t want it interpreted as dates, change your data type on that column to ‘text’ instead of ‘automatic’


Good night, how are you? Your plugin is fantastic, congratulations. I would like to ask a question, as I signal to my .csv file that it needs in this place to get this field and not the first one


Hi Eli,
thanks for the great plugin - it used to work like a charm.

Recognizing since today I get this error when calling the “Create CSV from JSON” action:

run.js:8 Action Create CSV from JSON - The plugin 1T - CSV Creator / action Create CSV from JSON threw the following error: ReferenceError: Papa is not defined
at eval (PLUGIN_1582601241392x653181519983018000/1T—CSV-Creator-action–Create-CSV-from-JSON-.js:14:5)
at (please report this to the plugin author)

Hope you can support.


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Hi Eli,

I solved it myself. The problem has not been within your Plugin, but rather an error in another Plugin. The other Plugin corrupted the HTML code which resulted in corrupting the reference of your plugin to PapaParse library.


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Hey @andreas.metzger, happy you were able to solve the issue! And thanks for the heads up. Do you mind sending me a private message with the name of the other plugin. I’d like to see if there’s any way to protect against this happening.

Does this plugin have a json size limit?

There are some Bubble limitations around 6mb I believe

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