1T csv upload of list field

I am trying to upload csv file with using 1T - CSV Uploader pluigin , but cannot find the way to upload files which custom bubble type has “list” fields.

The following snap is the server error message.

In this case we use this plugin, how can I create JSON arrary with user uploaded csv file?
I think it is very difficult for user to prepare files such a required format.

If you know the answer, please tell me.
Thank you


Did you solve this? I’m having the same issue. Some entries in my upload only have 1 item in the field that’s designated as a list.

Not yet.

Oh! I actually figured it out a few days ago. I’m just going by memory, but I can dig deeper if this doesn’t work. In my spread sheet, I added brackets to either end of the cell text that’s supposed to be a list:

[item 1, item 2, item 3]

Try that and let me know if it doesn’t work.

Didn’t work for me… I’m having the same issue. If you don’t mind having a look and letting me/us know, that would be much appreciated, as it’s driving me crazy!

Ahhhhhh, found it… you have to add (to your excel sheet list) the brackets, but also the quotes to format properly in JSON format.

So, like this: [“item1”,“item2”,“items3”]

Hope that helps someone else out there.


Has anyone figured out a way to do that without editing the excel file? My users will be exporting a csv file that has lots of data that I don’t want them to have to alter. Is there a way to do it withing bubble so it does it for them?

yeah i have tried all combo’s and ziltch. Yes i am using open office. Please how do we upload list of things?

hey mike i tried all ways but still failed. could i get a screen shot or… yes it just refusing to recognize my listed field.

Just to be sure, you’re trying to upload a list of things and each new thing has a field that is also a list, right?

So here’s a recent set I uploaded. The “Ans List” is the field in Bubble that is a list of number answers, but these questions only have one acceptable answer. I used a formula to convert A, B, C, D to 1, 2, 3, 4, but that won’t show up when you export the spreadsheet as a CSV. The key to telling Bubble that it’s a list is the brackets. So even though each “Ans List” only has 1 item, the brackets tell bubble that it should still be thought of as a list.

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Hi Guys, i also have a problem with this plugin. Does anybody has some minutes to help me out?