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2 APIs in an update chain -

I have the following scenario:

1st api call is fetching a list of customers and creating things in a db table.
This is working fine.

2nd api call is using this customers from the 1st api call to get a list of users/devices from the api and creating things in an other db table.
This is not working. (it stopped working - but idk the reason)…



backend workflow for the devices

‘Schedule a workflow on a list’ works asynchronously and isn’t very reliable. That’s probably why you’re having trouble.

A workaround could be adding a 2 second delay on the workflow after the first API call before initializing the ‘schedule a workflow on a list’. That might make things a little better.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

thx Ranjit, but this didn’t fix my issue :frowning:
Tried it with 2 seconds

So kick off the 2nd workflow in the first.

Workflow 1 gets the list. Then it schedules Workflow 2 on the List that it got.

Putting a delay in might work, but then again it might not.

sorry - @NigelG didn’t get what you mean :frowning:

I think - (not sure)! I found the issue.
with “get customers” I’m fetching a list of customer ids via api and I’m jusing this list of customer ids for the next api call to request the amount of devices per customer id. But it seems that it not used as a list.
any idea?