2 database displayed in 1 popup

so I structured things, company (DB 1) and their corresponding contacts’ (DB 2 should be under DB 1) as 2 DBs, and I want to use both database and display them in a single popup, like in the screenshot.

Note that there should be an appearing RG that contains DB 2 but I think there is a conflict in pulling data from DB 2, albeit data from DB 1 works just fine.

Is this possible, to have 2 DBs throwing data in a popup? If yes, what should I do to display the data in the RG containing DB 2, correctly?

Assuming the Popup has a content type of Company, just add a RG in the popup with a content type of Contact, and a data source of parent group’s Company’s Contacts.

The popup presently has type of content “company”, while the RG inside the same popup is this:

I then look at the evaluator, and found that there is no data for this RG.

So you’re just searching for all contacts in your database?..

As none are being found then either your database is empty or privacy rules are preventing them being loaded.

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Yes Adam. Should display the contacts in the popup’s RG.

Does it go in contrast to the idea that when the button to show the popup has a workflow that sends data (company) to the popup, but data about the contacts thru the workflow has none?

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