2 Users (logged out) access same page, privacy issues?


I have a set up where I email two Users a link that navigates to a scheduling page in my app that allows these User to view calendar days/times for the week. My question is how can I achieve this without the Users being logged into the app and still maintain privacy? I was thinking about using two url parameters (one pararmeter for each User’s Unique ID) in the link that will be sent but I am still new to Privacy settings and not sure if that’s a safe solution? I have two Groups (each Group type of content set to User) within the page with will pull from the URL Parameters.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


What are you trying to keep private? The users availability?

I don’t think you can set up privacy settings for anything except what is stored in the DB, so URL parameters are not options…otherwise privacy settings can be configured to use conditions about being logged in.

Might think about setting up conditionals for visible elements, redirects etc. and use the URL parameter with email as source for conditionals. Add a field to the data type that stores the availability and have it be a list of text…add the email address of users who are supposed to have access…use the get url data in your conditions to check if the email address is in the list field.

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