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2 Way Google Calendar Sync

Does anyone have experience with 2 way google sync. I want to be able to add and subtract what is on my google calendar through my application.

You’ll need to setup for oauth on the google side. No big deal there.

Then find the right plugin. My calendar plugin includes these google api calls you’re essentially asking about.

How much effort does it take to set up oauth? What is your plugin called?

Thank you!!


Oauth token handlings only a little annoying but there’s some great threads. It’s called full calendar scheduling suite. It’s free. :blush:

what’s the difference between the paid and free version?

nothing… :eyes:

I decided to release it for free AND to keep the paid version on the store. I never thought to pull it off at the time, now I want to see how many more people will still pay when there’s a free alternative. Probably gonna lower the paid cost to 5 bucks. It’s more like a “buy me a coffee” kinda idea than a get rich scheme


Ahaha, that sounds good.