2 x Search&Autocorrect with same Data Source

I have a page with multiple S&As and everything works fine until I have two with the same data source, then the second S&A stops working. For example, it might be two things that require a user to select from a list of colours and the lists of colours are the same database table.

I have tried to set the data source in one S&A element directly with a Do a Search for Colours… and the second I set the data source I set from a hidden RG. Still will not work.

As soon as I change the data set in one of them it works. Any ideas or hacks to get this working?

Could you paste a screenshot of their settings? Maybe we can spot something.

I can’t check right now, but pretty sure I’ve done this in the past, so it should work with a regular search.

Thanks @petter I’ll do that later. I’m out for a walk with only my phone now.

I can confirm that I have set the Input IDs to different values, have pointed the S&A elements to the correct Input IDs. It is 100% certain it is the data source but I will certainly post screenshots later or even better put up a dummy page for someone to experiment with.

I copied the relevant parts of my app onto a blank page @petter and they work so now I need to go work out if I can find why they work on one page and not another. I ping you tomorrow if I need further help.

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