20$ Custom CAD/MDT System - *UPDATE*

Customized CAD/MDT for sale, since it seems to be in such HIGH demand. Be willing to PAY do not email me for a “Free” CAD.

This CAD comes base with 3 LEO departments, Dispatch Center, Civilian, and Fire Department.
In Game Support - 911 & Panic (For Now)

Email me at : [email protected]

Base Price: 20$ | Extra Department: +5$ | Full Access: +25$

If needed I can customize the CAD even more to fit your communities needs! If you need or want things added (Ex. Chat) we can work something out!!



Comment any questions you may have about the CAD.

New FULLY custom AdminCP coming SOON! All CADs purchased after 5/8/18 will get an incomplete version of the AdminCP and then FULL when finished.


Who gave you the back end access and are you allowed to sell this? You clearly don’t seem like the person who can create a custom CAD from scratch. @codurly should start doing something about this.

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Cannot edit post, things have updated, email for more information.

Do you have a demo for your cad/mdt ? @braydendartez0530


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What Nic said is true. This is more than likely stolen.

wait why do you guys say that

One, we know what the CADs look like. Two, most of the “free” CADs are stolen hence the reason they are free.

hey! im wonderig, do you sell cad/mdt systems by chance? looking for a price around $20CAD. if you do, msg me on discord Dan276#5413.

I’m so glad this community will complain about an inactive post. You guys are very annoying, if you don’t like it, then don’t contact me. I really couldn’t care any less on what you think.
I could sit here and provide proof against all your false claims but you really aren’t worth my valuable time.

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