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20+ FREE CAD's | Huracan Solutions = Scammers!

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Even more CADs!


One of the reasons bubble forum is no longer up to standards spreading fake properganda because I personally didn’t allow him to buy the best cad out there. Please do not spread mis-information within this forum as this is not what it’s about. Many thanks

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There is no misinformation, Huracan Solutions is lying! As always. If you want video proof of Huracan being unprofessional, immature and even scamming users DM me on discord @ Mr. Pickles#2022
Also, please don’t lie on the Forum @Huracan_Solutions that’s not what the Bubble community is all about. I’m simply exposing your unregistered company that doesn’t pay taxes. Should I report you to the IRS too?

We also have New Overseer CAD/MDT in stock! The only CAD that’s not Free! ONLY FOR $10 RESELLER!

Heard it all before and we will keep hearing it and we don’t definitely need to explain it to you if you really wanna buy the cad that badly lemme know message us on your alt you made!

Already bought it from a redistributor that’s actually mature unlike some unregistered company.

No one has it so be surprised lol

I’m good cba wasting my time thanks for your time good day

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It’s funny how much you care, anyway for everyone else all of @Huracan_Solutions products are being redistributed by me for FREE! Just DM me and I’ll send them to you! Only New Overseer cost $10; instead of $75-$150 I also have screenshots of Huracan Solutions telling me they’ve already sold New Overseer. So again, another lie from the all mighty Huracan Solutions! Here’s some proof!

@Huracan_Solutions @HuracanSolutions
Anything to say for yourself, after getting caught in your lies?

Absolutely nothing, so like I said people. Scammers, they wont say anything after I show proof. DM me on Discord at Mr. Pickles#2022 for FREE CADs or more info about the scammers and con artists at @Huracan_Solutions!

@NullByte @Huracan_Solutions @HuracanSolutions

According to what the bubble TOS stand for the act of spamming and advertising is flaggable. Therefore, given that it could violate such lines it’s your of best interest to quit filling up this category with nonsense, allow the category to have some fresh air as it’s seems to be fallen down and beaten to death by people such as yourself - By using the platform for website development as a way of advertisement and making a bad image of the Cad/MDT community.”

“I beg you pardon? Half (if not all) of your community account is posts that just include the word “Bump” 'bout a hundred times and some form of advertisement. Looks bad on your side.”

“Sadly, I’m unable to move on as threads such as this keeps on coming up on my feed - I would appreciate if you respect the community and avoid posting threads such as this and move on from this category.”

“I’m ashamed to be apart of the community within it are certain people that fail to understand that this forum category isn’t your advertisement center”


Hey Justin, President of Huracan. Try to flag this for spam too. - Mr. Pickles

Stop breaking the rules and take down your post that is nothing more than an advertisement and you saying bump 1000 times! @Huracan_Solutions

It’s kinda funny @Huracan_Solutions, because it’s not that you didn’t let me buy the CAD. I didn’t want to because you rushed me unnecessarily after I told you I needed to think about it. Lie like no tomorrow, I have a video of all of our DMs. Why would I purchase something from someone so immature? I just got it for less than half the price from someone you sold it to, with reseller rights.

If anyone want to see proof and dm’s let me know on Discord @ Mr. Pickles#2022