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2020] Is it possible to create a mobile app with Bubble?

There are ways to get your web application onto the appstore.

Whilst it isn’t a truly native application, you can still wrap your site as a mobile application and have it on the appstores.


Definitely possible with which supports both Android & iOS. Conversion is fast, easy and without code. You only need your bubble web app url!

Give it try.


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Hey, Sam, thanks.

Do you have videos, tutorials, and people in the community who have tried it? I don’t want to invest time if there weren’t already several people who made their app with Nativator

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Glideapps will be your easiest solution if you are looking for simple apps with Google sheets.

We’re looking for something more logical and deeper

Hi @macarlucho,

Nativator is pretty straightforward, you only need to create your app by filling out the form on:

Https:// for Android

Before conversion, you can preview your app with:

As for references, 50% of our conversions are bubble web apps. Please go through the main topic on this forum:

We also offer live chat support on

Demo app:



With this way can build an app with 1 page of my app? Currently have a project on Web but I need build an app for 1 page of the same project

Yes, as long as your have groups in that page that you show/hide. Your app will good to be converted.

Any tutorial for this?

Before you convert your web app, please make sure it is responsive and highly mobile friendly.
If you want to test your app before conversion, you can use Nativator Previewer.

Let’s assume your web app is up and running, you simply need to fill out the following fields:

  1. Your app name

  2. Your app description

  3. Your app complete URL

  4. You app icon: 512x512 with transparent background

  5. Your Bundle ID: for example, it will serve the app signing, you are free to pick any alternative.

  6. Your app id related to OneSignal: If you wish to send push notification, you need to create an account on onesignal and generate an App ID for the appropriate platform (Android or iOS). Leave empty if not applicable.

  7. If your app needs to access user location for maps or other; toggle yes

  8. If you want Nativator to publish your app: Toggle yes and provide your Play Store Account details.

  9. Review and checkout.

You will receive your build after few minutes for Android and 1-2 hours iOS directly uploader to your developer account (App store).

We offer a live chat support.

Hope this helps, we are releasing a video tutorial soon.



Can I have a page for the mobile app and other pages for the web version?

Can you elaborate please?

I understand that to make a web app it has to be all on the same page, right? And do everything with the set state. Is this true? or can I have different pages?

In case there is only 1, could I have 1 page for the webAPP and other pages for the web version?

If your web app is meant to be used as responsive website on device browser such as Safari or Chrome etc, you can have as many pages as you want, however;
If you want to wrap it and publish as a mobile app, having many pages (loading) will increase rejection risk by app stores. So it is recommended to have one page with groups for a better user experience and speed.

Hi Sam. A quick question, can we redesign the pages for apps? And can we use the Mobile version setting available in Bubble to have different page rendered on mobile work here or should the same page be made responsive?

Hi Sam - I’m new to developing apps and wants to build a Hybrid App.

                 If my web app has pages, will Nativator do the groupings for me when they convert my web app to a native app for android and ios?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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Hi @adrianepoldo

Thanks for reaching out, we can convert your web app into a webview with native capabilities.
Join our live chat support on for more details and evaluation.


Hi do you support Camera for QR code reading?


@Sam - is the most amazing converter kit since the scientific calculator! OMG. thank you. saved me time, money, stress and energy.

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Hi Jenny! Thank you very much for the awesome vibes :blush:, hope we can support you more with your great project. Let’s keep in touch :raised_hands:t2: