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2020] Is it possible to create a mobile app with Bubble?

Hi do you support Camera for QR code reading?


@Sam - is the most amazing converter kit since the scientific calculator! OMG. thank you. saved me time, money, stress and energy.

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Hi Jenny! Thank you very much for the awesome vibes :blush:, hope we can support you more with your great project. Let’s keep in touch :raised_hands:t2:

Check out Thunkable. We seamlessly integrate with AirTable and offer native app develop, direct iOS & Android publishing, and more. Plus, we play well with Bubble!

Yes, it is possible. I did it for my project by using a Superview mobile wrapper and the plugin “OneSignal MAX Push Notifications (iOS + Android + Web)” to make OneSignal notifications working on any mobile and web platform, including iOS and Android.

In case you are interested, I write in detail about it in my post .

Yes! Are you an admin there? I have 1 published hybrid thunkable/bubble project.

The biggest issue IMO with using thunkable is the bloated ipa/apk size. Beyond that it’s a great companion for a bubble app.

I made a plugin to do the work between thubkable app and webviewer.

It controls my loading screen and native functions.

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Hey Sam. Have a question along the lines of what macarlucho was saying. Essentially I have already created the app in full browser, responsive format and but now need to make the mobile app version of it. How would this be approached with Nativator? Since I know just uploading my responsive app at the current state would likely get it rejected due to the many different pages it has, the browser styling, etc. I am fine with rebuilding the app in a mobile specific format, but it would of course still need to connect to the same database of my current browser app in order to update the same things, etc. Would I just create a new page in the same application where I recreate all the different pages of the browser app in that one single page with set statuses? And does nativator support only converting that single page rather than the rest of the app’s pages which includes the browser stuff?

maybe this can help:

(disclaimer: i created it)

I am looking for someone to help me with setting up reminders on my bubble application using backend workflows. It would be great help

Hi there. I have the same question as yours :). I was wondering if you could share with me what approach you learned to be the best at the end? :slight_smile: I have made an app with similar pages and made it responsive. Now, I am not sure what to do to make the ios appstore version of it. Thanks.

@abbasiasl84 @justind2022 Our plugin Natively allows you to wrap a Bubble app into an iOS native app and publish it to the App Store.

You can do it yourself by following simple steps and it takes minutes. Here is the complete process - How to convert Bubble app to iOS native using Natively - YouTube

If you have any questions please drop me a line :wink: