2021 iOS UI and Development Kit

I’m in the works of a project that involves designing and building native-looking iOS UI and features. I’ve seen a few versions of these in other projects/templates, but none of them have been too accurate. And with the amount of people I see that are wrapping their bubble apps for launch to the App Store, I want to provide this tool to hopefully speed that process along.

Here’s where I’m at

What features/ideas would you guys like to see implemented into this template? I have a functioning navigation tab bar built, headers, buttons, and much more in the works.

I’m not in this to make money, once it’s all done my plan is to list it for 10, maybe 15 dollars for the full kit. That MAY change but as of now I just want to help people.

I’m working through a nice fix for the notch spacing issue between the iPhone X+ models and the notch less phones. That should hopefully all be seamless across devices.

The navigation bar has the option of being fully opaque or the iOS translucent style.

Lots of self-replies.

But the assets are also theme-relative. It detects whether you have light/dark mode enables.

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