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2021. Why are blogs impossible and rich text editor / image resizing STILL a problem?

Fully responsive, can fully build the pages yourself or implement a template, URL Structure that can go multiple levels deep, SEO friendly. Not pretty but built in 30 min to get the point across, there isn’t a restriction.

Using a dynamic sitemap you can populate everything to be SEO friendly, Personally i’d still opt for a webflow/wordpress front and bubble backend app but what you’re tripping about is totally possible

Plugin is a drag and drop builder i have on store, however i have 4 other private ones and same thing can be done yet a bit more complex using rich text editors.

Dynamic image will simply use the merge tag function In the builder to pull from database as well. (HTML export is there because that’s how we display on page in first place that will maintain all raw HTML including SEO data, hosted images, etc)


Thanks, I understand what you’re struggling with. I think the best solution would be to create a Blog Builder. Where users will be able to create custom structured pages. They’ll add a text element enter the sorting number. They’ll add an image element enter the sorting number. And that’s it.

If this is exactly what you meant by Dynamic Page Builder, my bad. Ignore this :slight_smile:

Blogs are completely possible. Having Structured data in Bubble is completely possible. Having a dynamic URL for blogs is completely possible and having a dynamic layout is possible.

@design.agx you may be interested in a template I built. It is a robust Content Management System and has all the essential ingredients for a Blog and SEO.

I would say that providing a Blog as a built in feature is a bit much. Bubble already provided us all the tools we need to create our own, or to have it hosted elsewhere. I personally would rather see Bubble work on helping the performance of the apps improve so that the SEO tools that have been created are that much more valuable as google wouldn’t reduce our scores based on slow page load speeds.

Using my Blog Builder, this is not an issue

Using my template this is not an issue because each Blog is dynamically formatted during its creation and the edit features to ‘move position’ of different components (images, H2, H3 and paragraphs) make it incredibly easy to structure each blog uniquely based on the content and your desired approach to display.


A blog and its articles/posts is just another data thing with its types. The same as if you were creating an app that issues multiple jobs, tasks, etc. The same way one would go about creating a job page with all its dynamic data, you would create a blog page with all its dynamic data.

I fail to understand what the complaint is. Bubble is an App builder and the less it interferes in how items look, the better in my opinion. This is not Wordpress.

And unless i’m mistaken, even a Medium-like text editor can be built by grouping together bubble’s states, multiline input, and by making your own buttons with regex commands in them.

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Is that :grapes:.js?! Nice work!

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This is awesome @boston85719 – seriously nice work. :clap:

Shame most people won’t be able to use it.

Like I said in the beginning of the post.

Most new users don’t know this until they’re already well into their build. Blogs typically an afterthought.

Just look at @design.agx 's response. He already has the platform and now is thinking about doing the blog.

Everybody who has an existing Bubble app can use it. The red underlined section is poorly written, or at least not easily understood.

What it means is, you can not take an application you have created and then buy a template and simply ‘merge’ the template into your application. You would need to perform an integration.

So everybody who has a Bubble application can integrate the blog builder template into their application.

It takes me 3 hours to fully integrate the template into a user’s application. It is not a complicated process, but it is time consuming because there is a lot to the template in terms of functionality. It took me about 2 1/2 weeks to build it, so the time to integrate is considerably less than the time it would take to build from scratch.

Integrating any template into any application is possible. All that needs to be done is copy over the templates database design structure, copy over the visual elements, and copy over the workflows.

That is what is great about integrating the blog builder template. The new user can focus on trying to build their app and then when they get to the point of needing a blog, they will have become experienced enough in Bubble to integrate the template easily on their own.

Actually, most of my templates are ‘building blocks’ in that they focus on a single feature that can easily be integrated into an existing application.

It is like my messenger template.

Most users don’t realize they would need a fully responsive design for messaging until they have built their own chat function and realize the design is not as responsive as it should be for mobile users. They can quickly integrate the template to get the design and features.

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Boston85719 is an expert Bubbler with a decade experience as an educator. Real name Matthew, he has been actively building SaaS apps, marketplace apps, scheduling apps and more for clients, himself and for sale as templates.

As an official Bubble Bootcamp Instructor, he leads Bubble Bootcamps on a regular basis.

Always willing to offer advice via the Bubble Forum, Matthew also offers Private Personal and Group Training Sessions.

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@chris.williamson1996 Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I tried your solution.

I wanted to see if a Bubble user, with more than two years of part-time experience building things on in Bubble, could replicate what you’ve done – based purely on the information you’ve supplied.


I’m going to give you the play-by-play.

Well that plugin looks neat. Wonder why I didn’t find that. I wonder what it’s called?

Thank god you were using the unpaid testing version – which gave the name in the bottom right hand side of the video, otherwise I would have never found it.

Search the plugin store on Bubble for Unlayer.

No results. Check the video again for spelling. Unlayer.

Google Unlayer.

Arrive at Unlayer website (something I’ve never heard of, didn’t know existed, haven’t seen referenced in any of the other points, and likely wouldn’t have found on my own).

Okay… this isn’t a Bubble plugin. Do I have the right thing? Wait, maybe he didn’t say plugin.

Check the plugins again. Nope.

Check the screenshots at Unlayer. Okay, well this definitely looks like the same thing. I guess its not a plugin after all, like it said in his write-up.

So, I check Unlayer’s instructions. Okay… I think I understand. This needs to be put into an HTML embed. (Side: Thank god I my poor, simple brain somehow got this information from somewhere in my past, otherwise I would have been lost.)

So I check out Unlayer’s instructions.

ProjectID seems to be the one already in there… Looks like I have to make a template. Okay, that’s done. Take that ID number. Now for the ID. “This is the ID of an HTML container”. Hmm…

Maybe this?


Nothing happens. Take down the ID attribute.

Keeping playing around with it for another 15 minutes. Add the ID attribute again. Take it down.

Discover it needs to be an iFrame and I finally get it to work.

Okay, now what? Watch the video again. Oh, he presses a button to save it. Okay, so there must be a way to take the HTML made in this editor and bring it “inside” Bubble.

Alright, let’s make a new thing called Blog Post.

I guess this is all going to save in one big chunk. So we’ll make a field called HTML and save it as… text, I guess?

Okay, now we’ll make the workflow for saving it and… nowhere to reference what it made by the HTML embed.

Huh. Can’t seem to get the information out of it. About an hour of looking. I must be some kind of dumb dumb.

Here’s a forum post I found in my search:

And oh look… the response, provided by some guy, (you may recognize him) is foreign to me, because I’m a Bubbler, and not a JavaScript programmer.

Well schucks. I don’t know where to go from here and I’ve been doing Bubble for a while. Maybe its because I’ve only done Bubble stuff and not traditional programming?

But some guy online made it seem so easy and that I was incredibly stupid for not seeing it. I can’t ask questions now or it will seem like I’m even less smart.

Heck, he even made a “blogs are easy” title, a “making a blog on bubble for beginners” tagline, and a condescending stock image of a frustrated guy at a typewriter to try and hurt my feelings.

Boy… if this is “for beginners” and its so easy for others, I should probably just give up… right?

I sure hope some day I can read 25k posts, tower over everyone else, make beginners and moderates look like idiots, and tell them what they need and don’t need based on the level of practice I have, instead of theirs.

He did mention it used a private plugin. And if you didn’t use the plugin builder good luck getting your data out of the html element.

But, man. It sounds like you just haven’t learned what it takes to include custom JavaScript. Doesn’t mean you can’t build a halfway decent blog builder.

Maybe you’d be interested in hiring someone to build that for you?

Maybe you’d be interested in a booking a quick (1-2 hr) coaching session? Since you’ve been around for a couple years, I’m sure you’d catch on quick plus learn things you clearly don’t know yet. It’s ok to not know, it’s not ok to get mad at others because they do and you dont.


You misunderstand. I’m not mad that “others know and I don’t”. There is still no presented solution hidden under the elitism for Bubble users.

I’m mad because I’m a Bubble member, using the Bubble builder, asking for Bubble solutions on the Bubble community forums and the responses are saying “hey moron, this is easy and entirely doable, just use x,y,z with JavaScript”, all while not seeing how absolutely absurd that is.

Consider for a moment you’re on Bubble and JavaScript doesn’t even exist. How would you solve for X? That’s why most of us are here. That’s the tool set most of us use. An idea and a search on Google that may have started with “How to build software without code”.

Here’s Bubble’s wikipedia:

To suggest anything outside of the core toolset or plug-ins isn’t a Bubble solution – which is why if you look back to the original blog post – about a hundred more just like them exist across these forums.

Dude the plug-in is called drag and drop builder snd I was actually using the paid version from the store to keep it viable for anyone who watched, you won’t need a line of code, it’s built off unlayer

At this point Both @boston85719 and myself have given you multiple viable solutions that require no code, no JavaScript, a few clicks to integrate, and anyone can do.

We can’t fix your hatred negative outlook on everything nor your incompetence, you’re best to hire someone one on one or someone to do it for you. Simply put bubble can easily do it you’ve just yet to get to that skill level.

You’ve spent more time arguing than it would’ve taken to have someone do this for you. Your need to argue and hate rather than be great full and learn seems to be the biggest thing holding you back.

Like every website builder and app Bubble although no code still requires a level of learning.

I’ll send a walkthrough video of the editor and editor access but if you can’t get it after that you’re on your own.

Who is being hateful? You came out of the gate all sunshine.

Your elitist bullshit mindset is literally calling me an incompetent this entire time while JavaScript (NOT BUBBLE) was your hyped-up solution?

Only to eventually link a plug-in that YOU MADE and are charging 65 dollars for?

All the while saying Bubble doesn’t need to solve it? Dude. You’re really painting yourself in a great light here.

Save your precious time. This post wasn’t a bat signal, bro. Did anyone ask for your help, honestly? Did I ever say I even had a blog that needed building, fixing or altering?

The post was to propose solutions for what Bubble needs to do about this problem.

Or do you just see a forum post notification by us “ho-hum, no-code simple folk” as an invitation to put someone else down with your e-Peen and be a self-promotional jerk?

No wonder you don’t want Bubble to fix this. You’ve made 5,135 bucks, just so far on them not having a solution.

I stand by my original post. I, and many others, would like for Bubble to make a solution for other Bubble users to be able to do this using Bubble – you know, so us incompetents can get by without having to bother you real programmers. Given your sunny disposition, I definitely hope to never have any interactions with anyone like yourself whenever I can avoid them.



I told you it can be done multiple other ways including a free rich text editor, it doesn’t NEED my plug-in but it adds to the functionality of a blog and speed of setup. It doesn’t NEED Boston’s blog builder, you can build yourself.

Again, Neither solution NEEDS Java script and both solution are quick fixes.

I’m not trying to put you down dude I hope your shit succeeds but you can’t find an issue wrong with every completely viable solution that meets all your criteria to continue to try to make your point that bubble isn’t doing enough.

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Anybody else having a giggle that he could have built his blog in Bubble in the time he’s spent writing all these posts complaining about not knowing how to fully utilise Bubble? :sweat_smile:

The beauty of Bubble is that a beginner can get some basic things done pretty quickly - but that there’s not really much of a ceiling on what you can learn to do by upskilling yourself. No code will get you doing a lot, no code with some basic code will get you LOADS further.

I’ve been using Bubble just under a year, with ZERO background in development and aside for a short stint of 1:1 coaching (invaluable, highly recommend) have learnt everything via the forum, google, and trial and error (including some basic code).

Ain’t nothing wrong with using a plugin - it’s what they are there for! :smiley:

It’s all in the mindset! Stay curious, realise everything is figure-outable (using native bubble, plugins, integrations with third parties and some basic code) and you’ll achieve what you want :slight_smile:


Can’t help but weigh in. This is so typical of Bubble forum convos.

Step 1 - Someone says why can’t Bubble make xyz easier?

Step 2 - Bubble Defenders step in and say ‘why don’t you “just do” this or “just do” that?

Step 3 - argument rages on and Bubble never ever weighs in.

IMO the Step 1 request is almost always reasonable. But by the time step 2 is done usually Bubble Defenders are mocking the Step 1 OP, and others stay out of the fray.

In this case, OP’s request is, ‘why can’t Bubble make xyz easier’. By the end, the answer is ‘dude you should build one or HIRE A DEVELOPER(!!). Sorry but that in no way addresses OP’s issue. He wants it to be easy. Hiring a developer or building one himself or investigating/buying/modifying a template is not easy, not in the way Bubble is supposed to be. The entire premise of Bubble is ease.

It is not unreasonable to ask for Bubble to make things easier and people shouldn’t be mocked or told they should hire developers in response (which has zero to do with a request to Bubble to please make xyz easier).

@josh @emmanuel in my view your support staff should be moderating this type of convo; getting the Bubble Defenders to tone down these sorts of responses; and responding to some of these feature requests with yesses or nos. It’s not a good look and discourages postings.

I’ve been building stuff a long time with Bubble - 6 + years. There’s a ton of stuff ‘I can do’ that I wish they would ‘make easier’ or improve. There’s no need to tell others who feel the same way that they should individually learn a harder way than what Bubble could do more easily and at scale.


My template uses no javascript, no plugins and is built entirely with basic Bubble features provided out of the box by Bubble.

You don’t need to purchase it to preview it and see that what you are asking for, having an ability to build a blog easily in Bubble, is already possible.

Bubble made it easy to build things, and they included the ability to easily add the SEO features.

I think Bubble could make it easier, by providing a template to work from…I kind of wish they just made it easier to build an e-commerce platform, a robust shopping cart mechanism, made it easier to integrate into payment providers and everything else that needs to be done.

Unfortunately, Bubble can’t build our sites for us, but they have already done what you are essentially asking for…make it easy to build a blog in our Bubble app.

That is great…my solution under your definition is a solution, so case solved! You’ve got an example of a solution you were looking for.

I hope moving forward you will be able to focus on the solutions and not the ‘problem’. That has helped me a lot with my Bubble development.

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Hello, everyone,

Thank you for the incredibly thorough and detailed feedback about what’s currently lacking for getting a blog up and running on Bubble and the characteristics of an ideal solution.

After our fundraise, we are continuing to devote a lot of team-wide energy into hiring so that we can tackle more and more projects like this that are pain points for the community. The forum and our Ideaboard are great places to make those pains known so they can shape our roadmap.

To the community offering workarounds and example approaches here, we love to see it! It’s invaluable to learn from other builders, and we appreciate how active you all are in helping to welcome new members to the platform.

As we raise these topics, however, let’s acknowledge that everyone has different levels of experience building on Bubble and building for the web, and keep it friendly. What is workable for one use case may not be for another, and that’s to be expected. There are a lot of improvements we can make to support blogs, so let’s focus in on what we’d like to see rather than disagreements with each other, and keep the forum an inviting place for anyone to share.

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We definitely need a better Rich Text Editor :grinning: :computer:

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