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2022 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 🔷

Hello @JohnMark and everyone else

I know we are waiting for the plug-in, but as that may still take a while I am struggeling to get this to work for Android. I have the most recent Andoid studio, I have v2.0 of Jasonette-Android-Master and the demo runs nicely.

Yet, when I replace the file name and set-up the jasonelle Return data from API workflow I keep getting an “offline” on the android virtual device.

Here is the code in the jasonelle API

And this is a screenshot from the android studio

Any suggestion what needs to be tweaked? I am a bit lost.

Thank you

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Hello @jamesrizziandme

Bubble doesn’t support the GET command. You must convert it to a POST. I used Integromat to convert as explained above in this forum. Welcome to Bubble :partying_face:


Hi everyone. We still need your support :moneybag: for the NEW pluging. We need you. And thanks for the actual donors (and some multi donors). :boom:

Jasonelle wasn’t compatible with Bubble’s API endpoint, there’s this new version of Jasonelle that our plugin efforts could create that is compatible with the endpoint but it hasn’t been released in the main version yet, I’m using it to develop the plugin.

Later we won’t need to involve third party tools, so there’s a good future ahead (:


Hi @JohnMark

Really appreciate your help, especially since questions tend to repeat … thread is pretty long, sorry. I got the Integromat going (as described) and at least the virtual device is not showing “offline” anymore, but now am getting a white screen … :weary:
Anmerkung 2020-07-21 231424

Any final thoughts? (except that I will check the donation page)

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Brainless Step-by-Step to build and run on Android

  1. Create an index.json

        "$jason": {
            "body": {
                "background": {
                    "type": "html",
                    "url": "<your-web-app-url>",
                    "action": {
                        "type": "$default"
  2. Upload the index.json to a place where is public accessible.

    • Example 1
      1. Go to Bubble App -> Settings -> SEO / metatags -> Hosting files in the root directory.
      2. Upload index.json.
      3. Publish Bubble App and get the URL of index.json.
    • Example 2
      1. Upload index.json to any cloud storage service.
      2. Make index.json to be public accessible.
      3. Get the URL of index.json.
  3. Get jasonette-android source code

    $ git clone

  4. Update strings.xml.

    $ cd jasonette-android/app/src/main/res/values/
    $ vim strings.xml

    Then replace “file://jason-app.json” to the URL of your index.json, so that your App can find the index.json in runtime.

  5. Build and install the APK to your Android phone.

Some community friends might be confused like

  • Can not find the setup file mentioned in the 1st post?
  • What is the file I need to modify and add my index.json in jasonette-android?

Hoping that this summary is helpful for you.


@JohnMark, Does Jasonelle allows the use of GPS live tracking on the background for Android and IOS?

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@vini_brito Does Jasonelle currently supports GPS Tracking on the background for Android and IOS?

Loved the guide! I just got amused at…

Not brainless hahah
But I got the idea.

@marcos I’ll be able to answer you that in about a month from now. Stay tuned!


Thanks man! Keep up the good work! Is the plugin already available for testing?

Hi @marcos

Yes, you can switch GPS tracking under Jasonelle to Bubble. I gave an example with the recording in this post, it’s the same principle for passing values. You have to read Jasonelle’s doc.


And about the plugin, more or less in the same time frame mentioned it will be, for contributors.

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The doc was behind a slack website, is it on a different address as well?


I found it. Thank you!

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Hello @marcos

Maybe you can sponsor the GPS portion with Jasonelle team?
“you would need to code a native code (java, objective-c) extension that you could call with json. it possible to do that. But it would require more technical expertise”

What is your plan? Happy you found the doc. :slight_smile:


@JohnMark I need to get the live GPS tracking working on the background. The plugin from ZEROQODE works only when the browser is open with the page.

If I’m not mistaken, the solution proposed by Jasonelle team is independent of the plugin we are crowdfunding with @vini_brito. If @vini_brito’s plugin would allow us to access native functions from the cell phone we wouldn’t need to get a specific GPS extension correct? But @vini_brito said he would have an answer in a month. I think it’s a short time to find out :slight_smile:

Anyways I’m blown away by the possibilities. This is a very exciting developing tool for anybody doing bubble now.

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Yep, John hopped in front of me and answered it already, if Jasonelle team implements it, then I’d be able to call it in the plugin.
I already made an improvement to Jasonelle with them, so it’s okay to do so.

The plugin is not independent from Jasonelle, just to clear any fog around us (:


@vini_brito I will reach out to the Jasonelle team to find out. Maybe we can get it working soon!

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Sure! They hang in their telegram channel.

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