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2022 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 🔷

Hello @mikke

The beauty of using an intelligent wrapper like Jasonelle is you don’t have to compile once you done it. It’s now more than 1 year I didn’t touch Xcode and Google compiler. As I explained many times, it’s important to test the example of Jasonelle first (with the right Xcode version). Once it work, everything is easier. Contact the Jasonelle support will be your best option (on telegram).

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Hi @JohnMark,
This post is very good. So far, I’ve only scanned all the replies. Is there a way to enable a Tab based bottom Nav Bar?

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Hi @royjay

I created my navigation bar under Bubble. You have to see Jasonelle’s native commands to run this sort of thing. I use very little native functions to make sure our Apple friends let the application go. With the responsive Bubble, anything is practically possible. For the ‘swipe’ part I use the Zeroqode plugin.

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Hi everyone and thanks for the information, it helps a lot. I have a problem with links to send mails, make phone calls (mailto: , tel: , sms: ) that works great in the phone browser but when I wrapped it with jasonette I get an error with the message “could not be loaded err_unknown_url_scheme”. Has anyone solved this error?

Hello @guias

Another option :

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Today i read a few tutorials and was able to convert my free bubble app into an Android App (free and without knowing How to code). Maybe It could help someone.


Hello @roberto.naddeo

Great post. I also replied to your post. If you don’t need any native function, yes you can follow your instruction and do the same with iOS.


Thank you, @JohnMark!
I read and replyed your comment. It’s probably basic stuff, but as I don’t have a strong developer profile, it was not so easy to get there.

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I totally agreed @roberto.naddeo. I will rebuild this post one day.
There’s so many ways to do things.


same thing with me, have you found a way ?

“url”: “https://Replace with your app url

This is the complete return data from api plain text right, because your screenshot is not full :sweat_smile:

Hello @richer.devops

Bubble should let us reorganize our post. :wink:
(Aug. 2019 - Add native function)


Can you please specify what are the first and second urls ?

Hello @richer.devops

If you are using your own website (url’s):


You can replace the end (jasonelle) by any endpoint name of your choice.

When building with Bubble, I always recommend using the responsive mode starting with the smallest resolution (320x680) of your choice, and increasing to the larger resolutions. The use of the ‘mobile version’ option of Bubble is very limited and does not allow you to automatically build a mobile application.

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Hi @JohnMark , what an amazing post!
I do have a problem with opening external links (ex. Facebook, Instagram)
I have found that if you do have the app installed, Jasonelle will direct you to the app within your iphone. However if you don’t have the app installed, it will only transition to a next view, instead of opening safari. Same with iphone URL Schemes such as sms:, tel:, etc. They simply just dont open.
How do you advice on resolving this? I have tried several trigger actions inside the JSON, but they dont seem to work. I think there must be something in Bubble Action Workflow preventing Jasonelle to recognize the new href.

Do you think on any workaround?
Thanks in advance!!


Hello @segongora9

I didn’t try to open an external link under Jasonelle. It can be a setting under iOS or Android. I will recommend to chat with Jasonelle team on Telegram if you have any difficulties.

It must be a Jasonelle command. Let me know if you find out.

Welcome to Bubble.

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Hey John , I’m sorry to have bothered you with this. You’ve already answered this way above in the forum.

For anyone else having this problem, the solution will be to run a Javascript command and trigger an action created in Jasonelle.
Do the following in Bubble Workflow:

const web = “
$agent.trigger(‘web’, {web});

And then in your index JSON file simply put something like this:
Captura de Pantalla 2020-11-06 a la(s) 11.14.14
In case of an app like Phone, change “view”:“web” with “view”:“app”


I completed step 1 and 2, but the “Open the ‘’ , run SETUP” there is no master zip or anything of that nature in the files. Any help?

Has anyone made a video outlining the steps of this process? If NOT…who’s willing to make some $$ doing it?! @JohnMark, @richer.devops, or anyone who’s had success :sunglasses:

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I gave up man, i could afford bdk native so went for it

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