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2022 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 🔷

Hello @jared.gibb

I know my post is long, but you will have almost all your answers if you only read my writing under @JohnMark. Like you said, part native part wrapped. If well optimised, no one will see the difference (almost) :wink:

Hello @bas1

You have to read the documentation of Jasonelle to implemant in-app
or ask here : talk directly. I prefered to use my own payment server (Stripe) for my products outside the app.


If I follow these steps and then install the BDK Plugin on the bubble, will I be able to use native functions?

Hello @douglasatina

BDK simplified the use of native functions by creating a plugin with the Jasonelle engine. If you want to save money, you can do it all with Jasonelle. It is a question of budget at this time. It is up to you to choose what you need.

Another thing is when using Jasonelle you are completely independent from any other plugin. A new plugin is being developed to use Jasonelle as a whole. See above to participate financially.

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I am not able to use it as of now, and I have spent lot of hours, not just 10 minutes.

In Android Studio, I am using emulator to test the app. But the app is just stuck in loading screen kind of things. Looks like this.

How to fix this?

And Xcode is just not installing on my machine. I know you can’t possibly do anything about that. But these are the nuisances that are there with all these integration stuff and I just wanted to rant about it.

Hello @mghatiya ,

I understand that it can be difficult the first time to get used to the solution. If you take the time to read the post, you’ll see that you don’t skip any steps. The problem you indicated is well known and can be easily solved. I don’t know if it’s your version of Android that’s not compatible or just accessing your file (or API) that’s unread. You can also get support from Jasonelle on Telegram (see above).

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Hello @JohnMark,
Your solution seems to be pretty easy but can we post our app on stores ? And do we have access to native app features ?


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Watching your app running on your iPhone takes 10 minutes. To publish on Apple and Google_Play it takes a few minutes and sometimes a few hours the first time. Apple is the toughest on ‘wrappers’. You must therefore use minimal native functions to be sure that your application looks like an application, and not a web page. On the other hand, if everything looks like an application, Apple lets you pass.

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Thank you for your answer !
And how do we do to have native apps features ?


The answer is inside this post. You can use almost any native function with Jasonelle. See Jasonelle’s site and all functions.

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Hi @JohnMark

Thank you for your job.

I have a dumb problem, when downloading Jasonelle zips, I don’t have any “Setup” file. Is this normal ?

Thank you,

Use AppGyver to create a completely free empty shell app with a webview pointed to to your bubble url. In other words, your can use AppGyver to make a free wrapper. You won’t need to download xcode or Android studio: AppGyver directly gives you the APK file in a completely online process. It’s much easier than Jasonelle in my opinion. The only downside is it does not let the wrapped app access some native functions like the camera.

Hello @deadpoetnsp

It is always interesting the ‘wrappers’ which do not use any native functions (microphone, camera, contacts, gps, etc.) and which simplify life without having to use Xcode or Android studio. Who’s responsable to maintain the app (fee) on Apple Store / Google Play if AppGyver close their door? :wink:


Good question. There’s always some balance. AppGyver generates native code. Nothing is hosted by AppGyver on its servers. So even if AppGyver disappears, the product will work just fine.

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@JohnMark - I tried your tutorial but I get stuck in Xcode when I am trying to compile?

I could get it to compile one time, but when loading my app it only gets white. Any thougts?

Hello @mikke

The beauty of using an intelligent wrapper like Jasonelle is you don’t have to compile once you done it. It’s now more than 1 year I didn’t touch Xcode and Google compiler. As I explained many times, it’s important to test the example of Jasonelle first (with the right Xcode version). Once it work, everything is easier. Contact the Jasonelle support will be your best option (on telegram).

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Hi @JohnMark,
This post is very good. So far, I’ve only scanned all the replies. Is there a way to enable a Tab based bottom Nav Bar?

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Hi @royjay

I created my navigation bar under Bubble. You have to see Jasonelle’s native commands to run this sort of thing. I use very little native functions to make sure our Apple friends let the application go. With the responsive Bubble, anything is practically possible. For the ‘swipe’ part I use the Zeroqode plugin.

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Hi everyone and thanks for the information, it helps a lot. I have a problem with links to send mails, make phone calls (mailto: , tel: , sms: ) that works great in the phone browser but when I wrapped it with jasonette I get an error with the message “could not be loaded err_unknown_url_scheme”. Has anyone solved this error?

Hello @guias

Another option :

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Today i read a few tutorials and was able to convert my free bubble app into an Android App (free and without knowing How to code). Maybe It could help someone.