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2022 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 🔷

The file method worked perfectly. Still don’t understand why slack was looking strange but oh well. Thank you for the assistance.

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Hi @JohnMark,

My app is working now, thanks for this nice guide! How can the actions from jasonelle be used from your Bubbleapps such as audio record. I know you can specify actions in the JSON-file but how can they be used/triggered?


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Here is an example of calling a simple notification banner.

Hi everyone,

Thanks to and Camilo (from Jasonelle).
A Bubble plugin will replace all this eventually.

  • Install Toolbox Bubble plugin (yes, we need to make some easy javascript calls).
    Use the Run Javascript action (for each function you need).

here the text:

const title= "My first native function!";
const description= "this is cool!";
$agent.trigger('display_banner', {title, description});

You need to add the native function you need in your json file, in this case 7 lines:

The result will display a banner with the title and description.
You can now call all the native jasonelle functions you need.

Happy Bubble + Jasonelle time! :slight_smile:


We have just reached the 4000 views! :smiley::tada: @bubble :boom:

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Your guides are brilliant! Thank you !

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I tried to implementing this, but I don’t get a banner, only an error in my Logcat of android studio.
My Json file:

and my button action: 40

am I doing something wrong?


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Sounds to be good, I will DM you.

I am also getting same problem john.

Hi @bentoj72,

There is a conflict with Bubble and Jasonelle on the first page to display the banner. I haven’t found the reason yet (it can be a JS conflict with other plugins). This works for me on a reusable element or on different pages. Let me know if you found the problem. Have you tried any other functions? PM if I can help. I’m trying to keep this post for the NEWS on Jasonelle.

If you missed the recent post

How to call a Jasonelle native function

HERE the list of functions, like play audio, camera, gps (called geo), banner, toast, picker…

Actions in Jasonelle


Hi @JohnMark - Just wanted to thank you for putting all of this together! Really really appreciate it. Just went through the whole process and some quick learnings for people who are absolutely new to coding from my end -

  1. Download Android Studio first - takes some time
  2. Open the whole unzipped folder using the Studio - I know this is probably obvious for others but it wasn’t to me and I spent 30 mins + searching for some of the files.
  3. I tried to do things without using the .json file but it was taking too long and once I decided to revert to JM’s original method it was much easier.
  4. Also, went down the rabbit hole of creating a .json file and was finding it hard (I did say Zero experience :stuck_out_tongue:) - but then found a stupid hack which is - I just found an existing .json and replaced the code there. I had some issues with the format of the json so I am uploading the file here incase you want to download and just put your app’s url there.

Thanks so much again, JM!


Hi @krooty,

Thanks, and just to add a native function it took me hours to found out :slight_smile:

Great tool here to validate your json file >

Or you can create your own file myfile.json with the original json script :wink:

   "$jason": {
		"body": {
			"background": {
				"type": "html",
				"url": "",
					"action": {
						"type": "$default"
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" I will always recommend wrapping a web application if it is done professionally " :wink:

Second, an easy integration solution. No other development code to learn or continuously change. 80% of functions are covered by Bubble (and plugins). The idea of developing a single compatible application for all platforms is truly unique. With the new integration of Bubble Cloudflare, make it faster. Just good news.

I just compared the Bubble-Jasonelle app with iOS Messenger, LinkedIn, Skype and others for loading time, and Bubble is on average 2 seconds later to display the information. BTW the tested index page is a complex full page.
That is very acceptable. No one can say it’s a wrapper!

Advantages over other ‘wrappers’:

  • Compile once on Google Play and Apple Store (yes, no more submission to them!)
  • All changes made to Bubble are instantaneous for users
  • Free Open Source and Free
  • or Build a complete native app with Jasonelle and use Bubble as backend

I also recommend using an auto-REFRESH plugin when making changes to LIVE, so your users have nothing to do. Never again ‘Press here to refresh the screen’.


Thanks @JohnMark. It is interesting, I am trying it now !.

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Hi @JohnMark,

Thanks so much for all your tips!

We have developed an MVP version of an app using Bubble and would like to have it as iOS and Android app but don’t seem to be able to follow your steps. It is our very first experience with app development and therefore are bit confused. :sweat_smile: I apologiese if the questions are very basic but:

  1. Where do we get the url that goes at the end of the Return data from API?

  2. Does this have to be a registered domain or can will it work for the demo verison of the app?

Thanks again!

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Hi Luisa @asiul_91 and thanks.

The first step, make it work with the regular way to be sure you grasp the concept. If it work, and only Jasonelle can’t read your file on the Return API, then be sure to point to another plateform first with GET to POST conversion as explained above (with Integromat). Bubble doesnt yet accept GET. Nothing perfect. :slight_smile:

Get to Post link

It works for demo version.

Hope it help! :sweat_smile:

" Do I need Apple or/and Google Play account? "

For any native project, you need an account with Apple ($100) and Google Play ($35) valid for one year. If you want to save this cost, you need to take other wrappers that control your application and all carries some risk. For experimental reasons, why not! :slight_smile:

I will welcome @Sam with his new integration for Android (13$) with Nativator.

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john still the banner is not working. have you tried? success?

Hi @bentoj72

Everything I’ve published has been tested and works fine on Xcode. Sometimes you need to step back, and start over, step by step. I did this several times before I realized that I was erasing critical information by mistake (especially in Xcode). I haven’t finished my tests on Android Studio since I’m waiting for a custom development.

You can make a complete application with Jasonnelle without even going through Bubble (or use Bubble as a database). So make sure that the content of Bubble is displayed correctly, then you have to add the iOS or Android functions one at a time according to your needs in the json file which does not need to be a file (see the explanations above).

By the way I use BDK Env plugin to pass my variables and call Jasonelle. You can DM with your details, and I can take a look. You can also ask for help on Jasonelle’s site if some functions do not seem to work.

To display the notification, it is simply adding a few lines and the call is done with the BDK Env plugin JS calls (or the Toolbox plugin).

Run action Javascript to call your banner

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NEWS from Jasonelle, version 3.0 is coming! :slight_smile:


Thanks to Camilo!