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2023 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 🔷

Hey @JohnMark ! I’m currently working with the wonderful team at @Chakor to build out a prototype with Jasonelle. It’s going great but we have a very specific use case and problem, maybe you or one of the Bubble community will have an idea to help us!

We’re adding the code to the Jasonelle to make it appear in the native sharing menu of the mobile device. So when the user is in iOS Safari, on a website they want to share the link to, they tap the share and they see the Jasonelle app in the list alongside Whatsapp etc. So far so good, the team have succeeded with that.

The problem is upon arrival, we need to tell the Jasonelle to handle the shared link somehow. My idea is to tell Jasonelle to send an HTTP POST request with the link URL to our Bubble app, as I don’t think passing info using code from the Jasonelle into the Bubble app is possible. This requires us setting the current user’s unique ID as a cookie value in the Bubble app, which the Jasonelle can read and then pass into the POST request to the Bubble app to indicate who shared what link.

I can’t find any info about building an API system into the Jasonelle, and I’m not good at coding so I’m not sure if it’s even feasible. If anyone has any advice we’d massively appreciate it. Thanks everyone!


Really appreciated the thread @JohnMark, but struggled to get it working till I watched the @Jon_Melo video - would recommend watching this to anyone like me who needs something more ‘idiotproof’! :slight_smile: Make your Bubble App Mobile Native - Android Studio - YouTube

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apple pay button, when I’m using the browser the button is visible, when I’m viewing the app in xcode the button is not visible. See the examples below, I’m using jasonette




Repeating groups not working on my app. Followed everything on the tutorial now got it running but repeating groups are missing
anyone had this problem??


Sorry just fixed this. Turned out indid not sync my live database with the dev DB.
Since I Used the live version link on the index.json file The app was not loading the version test where i had all the sample data stored.

I have to add that everything works now and its awesome. Now working on advanced features like acces to camera and location.


How did you manage to call out the function from within the bubble side? I installed the same version and activated the code for the camera, geo location and file uploader but cannot find a way to call these native function still


Did you figure it out? I am having the same issue


Will try it! Thanks!

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is there no definitive solution for a camera to work on android?

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Everything (almost) can be done with Jasonelle. Some special request must be studied before I agreed. For example, I builded an extension to work with the recording with the help of Jasonelle group leader (forum). @4clubltda @saturnoanthony0104 @richardosborne14 (sorry I’m a little late on response… :sweat_smile:)

ok, can you kindly share the solution with us?thanks

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For Camera access, you must ask on Jasonelle forum and maybe pay someone to build what you need (or not).

:white_check_mark: I’ll like to know which solution you’re using for your iOS and Android apps?

  • Jasonelle
  • BDK
  • Others

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update… need more votes (July 9, July 10 :sweat_smile:)
another round? July 15.


@JohnMark i lost track of Jasonelle vs Jasonette - can you please shed some light? (multiple websites, wikis, github repositories, etc.)


Hi @d9999

Everything you need will be on Jasonelle Telegram forum
Jasonelle Forum click HERE


You could do a parallel poll on twitter, you might get more votes.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the work you’re doing on Bubble. To retrieve contact list from user phones, one needs to write custom Jason action/function (see below).


This action will fetch the addressbook and populate them into $jason.

Where would one put this code on the Bubble app?

I’m hoping that Bubble owners/engineers will put resources into making it easier to create native apps.

John A

4 hours later: the solution is discussed at 2022 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 🔷 - #105 by JohnMark

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Hi Richard,

May I please enquire if you solved this? I have a similar use case, whereby:

  • Jasonelle app wraps my bubble app
  • Android or iOS user gets local device data
  • User sends the data from the Jasonelle app to the bubble app

I’m stuck at the same hurdle - having the Jasonelle app know the logged in user context. I have non-authenticated API calls working from Jasonelle app to bubble app, but without the local Jasonelle app knowing any user creds I can’t make an authenticated call.

I figure there must be a way for a bubble workflow to get those creds back to the local Jasonelle app but I’ll be darned if I can find them. One (very ugly) option that occurs to me is briefly dropping the username into the bubble URL as a parameter after initial login, but it kind of sucks.

Tagging @JohnMark in case you have any wisdom :smiley:

Thank you all so much for your help!

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hello does anyone know how to disable the 3d touch when we build an ios app from using xcode.

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Hello @andrewjc79

Everything can be done under Jasonelle because of the use of Xcode compilation.
I will suggest to communicate with the Jasonelle forum or Xcode forum.

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