2023 dependent dropdown


I want to have a dropdown of the states, then add another dropdown of the cities in the state that was chosen in the first dropdown.

so first dropdown state
second dropdown is city ( depending on the state selected )

If you could help with a video tutorial i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You!!

Hi there, @nagyhall1… one way to do what you described is explained in this tutorial. If you do a Google search and/or search the forum, you will likely find other resources/examples, too.


it did not help, it looks different from what i need, it seems pretty compicated. If anyone can help me with a video i would greatly appreciate it!!

Just saying it didn’t help and asking for a video is not the way to go here. How does it look different from what you need? The tutorial literally shows you how to make one dropdown dependent on the value in another dropdown, and that is exactly what you said you want. Did you actually try to implement it?


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