2023 is a very ver Bad year for Bubble & Me

Today, i cant do any work.
the Insert Dynamic Data Button just stop working. there are many related post currently in forum.

2023 i hit many ground breaking bugs/performance issue regaring Bubble.

  1. the 10k list limit
  2. 200 limit SQL read via API
  3. The Mega Browser Auto-Push(refresh data) stop working in August.
  4. the price increased
  5. Editor breaking bugs ( dynamic data button not working )
  6. many…

Before i go to scale my business further ( actually just about to start )
I really need to consider whether bubble was the platform to go or not.

Any person with same feeling?


It’s been rough. Very rough.

My number one metric is the mean time between me having to refresh the editor page for it to work again.


I think every Bubble user is.

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Honestly, Almost everybody in my team is feeling same (Since the price changes → Workload units) we had to do a lot of changes in the existing apps.

→ Clients were definitely not happy
→ Looks like bubble is meant for MVP’s or Initial stage of startups, once your business grows you will see decline in the performance…
→ Bubble editor issues this year (especially refresh the editor page)

I think it’s time to Start learning coding (Frontend or backend or Databases)
How hard it can be ? (With new frameworks, libraries, very big community, i think it won’t be very difficult)


yah… in the end. what bubble did was PUT us on a hot chair…
either your business not going to work, OR you go learn proper coding…

I stopped keeping track


Are those an official Bubble list or is that just a list of the bug’s you have had to report?

No this is my unofficial tracking so that I can post it at times like these… I stopped counting after August 25th


Today was terrible, lots of browser refreshes, couldn’t select text in the editor, couldn’t click the dynamic input button, couldn’t find “this user” in the second part of an expression when I had already referenced it, then “This User” wouldn’t return the actual user… Yesterday I couldn’t add conditional properties to a RE in the conditions tab, they would just disappear…

I thought the bubble editor issues were getting better, but no!


Don’t get me started about pasting conditionals.

Makes me want to punch the screen!!!


i punch table few times myself…

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2023 made me realized there are walls that you can’t climb with Bubble.

2023 I went back to Ruby on Rails.

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I have some FOMO with the idea of migrating away Bubble, because of the off chance it turns into some perfect platform with all the limitations lifted within idk, a year?

But I am quite undecided because at the same time the past year of Bubble’s platform development feels really slow for some reason comparing to other nocode/lowcode platforms…

any good suggestion?

I don’t want to turn this into another Bubble Alternatives thread, this one currently has ~500 replies :rofl: Reasonable Alternatives to Bubble

BUT today I got my FlutterFlow + Firebase app warmed up again to play around since their web-app feature seams to be out of beta, and they have realtime data (no need to poll or refresh for new data) native to their system as well.

Yes, please don’t… thank you. :slight_smile:

And FYI, in case anyone in this thread missed it.


@mikeloc getting war flashbacks transferring posts to other threads for a week :rofl:


And then getting beat up about it via direct messages (although, some of the names I was called were quite creative). Ah, best week ever.


I think this year there was a lot of cool new features that were added. However… as I have said many times on this forum, it’s clear the bug testing department is not working as it should. Perhaps developers are being rushed and are pushing things out before having enough time to test. I don’t know, I don’t work at Bubble, but I can say that as a user I can tell there’s a big difference in reliability (and performance too) this year compared to previous years.