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28 Seconds To Load

Is there any pending reason why it takes 28 seconds to search for entries in a repeating group?

We’re looking into it.

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I’m having same issues with my app

Same here. For the past few hours, my Bubble app has gone back and forth between performing very slowly to being borderline unusable.

I seem to be having a similar issue as well.

We are at a standstill here.

Over in Budapest here and I’m not having any problems at all.

Yes, here too in North Carolina.

Yes, the whole thing has been down for hours – you can always check status here:

It seems to have suddenly improved in the last 10 minutes or so (to the tune that my app is momentarily much faster than normal!). Hopefully Emmanuel and Josh have figured it out and even made some sustainable improvements. I’m guessing one of them will post here when ready.

Yes we’re pushing some fixes gradually.

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Do you think it could be possible in the future to display a localized message on all bubble websites when experiencing such issues ?
That way, the users would be aware that the issue is being fixed.

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When experiencing lags I take a look at:


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