3rd party service for heavy background tasks

Hi, we are dealing with the 3rd party service that sends us text data (around 1000 requests during 5 min), a couple of times a day. With each request, we are making quite a lot of workflows.
Right now it hardly hits our capacity(professional plan, 12 units bought additionally).
I don’t see how we can scale this in the future within the bubble.

So I thought maybe there is some 3rd party that can do it better?

Do you mean it nears your capacity or that it doesn’t even come close to using all your capacity?

What do those workflows do, generally speaking?

When we receiving this request it’s hitting 120%-130% of our capacity

Creating, making changes, searches in 2-3 data types.

Ah, I see. I thought that’s what you might have meant. (In English, a common meaning for “hardly” is “barely” - i.e. “not even close” - which is the opposite of what you meant. That’s why I asked. :slightly_smiling_face:)

I’ve not been in that exact situation, but generally speaking, you might consider an approach that distributes the load on Bubble. For instance, a 3rd party service could be used to queue the requests and then schedule them to be forwarded to Bubble at specific intervals in order to spread out the load. If you have coding skills in house, you could look at something like Amazon or Google micro-services; or you might look into whether an automation service like Zapier or Integromat could handle it.


Of course, the above assumes you have no control over the frequency of the 1000 or so incoming requests.

That’s what I actually did in Bubble right now, I divided each request with random delay. But it creates a little bit of user confusion since they expected it to be almost instantly. So I thought about 3rd party services that I could transfer all workflows and send complete data to bubble after that.

And yes I don’t have control over these requests.

Greetings. Did they solve the problem?
If you like, I can help you. inbox.

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