3x Tiered repeating group?

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to the platform but loving it so far. I’m trying to create a custom app for logging my staff’s time spent on certain merchants over time and to track what type of work they are doing day to day. As shown in the attachment which is another SAAS that I am looking to use some of their design they have a top tier of the week with a total time spent, then broken by day and then broken by task.

I’m wondering if the right way to do something like this would be to have three tiers of repeating groups? Or is there another way to do this type of thing? Any help or reference material would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!

Hey there @mbarnott,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

From the way I look at this, it looks like you might just need 2 repeating groups. One that holds the days of info, then another within a specific day displaying specific info about a specific staff member.

Hope this helps! :blush: