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400 Bad Request

Been getting this the last couple of days. I clear my cookies or use Chrome Incognito as a work around.

Yes we’re working on a change that will make this go away. Should be done in a few days.

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Someone always has to get in first with a shiny new category :slightly_smiling:


I did it for you, @NigelG

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how did you set the Bugs category? or only the Bubble team can set it?

I mean I want to edit a previous post and set Bug category to it, or has this been forgotten to implement an can only set it for new ones?

Only BubbleHQ have the power!

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maybe it’s better if the post author can also set it and the Bubble Team unset it if they consider so and/or lock the category for no future changing at that post

Oh… you can go back and edit your own forum post and change the category. Click the edit pencil next to the name of the post

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yep, but I see no “Bug” option there

You can scroll through the options

thanks, must have been some caching or I didn’t notice the scrollbar (though I think I had checked for a scrollbar)