403 Issue after changing domain name

Hi. I built and tested the app one one domain, and then, the client decided to change the URL. I’ve updated the domain name in general settings, got sendgrid, webhooks and all other references working fine. Site works fine.

But, when I do a 301 redirect on the old domain to the new one, I get a cloudflare 403 error. My DNS is with my domain host (not Cloudflare), so this issue is on the Bubble.io side.

How do I fix this?


Took some work. But, I got around this.

On the old domain, I deleted all DNS records related to the subdomain that used to point to Bubble.io. I deleted the subdomain. Then, I recreated the subdomain and created a wordpress site on the subdomain. Waited for all the dns stuff to propogate and was able to browse the wordpress site. Then, and only then, did I do a 301 redirect on the old domain.

Now, I successfully redirect the old domain to the new one, without a 403.


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