404 page hard coded to desktop?

My app is fully mobile. I am designing all pages with 380x822 pixels. When I use my laptop to preview the pages I have created they always scale to look as they would on a mobile device. However the 404 page will not scale at all, it always takes up the entire laptop screen’s width.

I have created a new 404 page and it works just fine. My issue is that bubble does not allow you delete the 404 page the app comes with. Is there an easy workaround for this? I have tried doing every design trick I know to get the bubble 404 page to render properly but it never works. Even setting this one page as a native app doesn’t work, the preview takes up an entire laptop screen.

The Bubble 404 page itself cannot be deleted.

Could you post screenshots/video of the behavior? It’s hard to discern exactly what the issues may be based on text alone.

@dan1 thanks for the speedy reply. Here are the screenshots.

Bubble editor:

Bubble preview:

I dont like the premise of 404 pages, you can redirect the page on load, simple.