404 when calling Xano API from workflow, but not from connector

Not sure whether to ask this here or the Xano forums, so I’m just going to ask on both. When I call my API from a workflow in Bubble, I get a 404 error {“code”:“ERROR_CODE_NOT_FOUND”,“message”:""}
A quick google says that’s probably because I typed the URL wrong, but I can initialize the API and get a success response from Bubbles API connector just fine, which suggests I have the right URL.
Anyone else ever run into this?

Maybe you can share screenshot from API Connector setting and Action in WF ?

Here you go:

I fixed the problem. It had to do with the dynamic data I was using for URL parameters.

Inspect your logs. Check the request url. 404 is normally related to url that is not correct or point to an item that doesn’t exist. In your case, be sure that source and branch are correctly set in your WF. But Xano can also send 404 I think id is not correct in request.
What you can try is to create a requestbin, send the request from API Connector to requestbin, and do the same from the WF. Compare both results