49 API naming errors and log is not refreshing

Hey all I havent been on in a while and whilst working on my app in the last 5 minutes I have 49 errors due to api workflows having spaces in the title which havent seamed to be a problem before (unless calling the workflow externally)

And the log of past events wont scroll down past the initial search page…

Anyone else experiencing any thing similar

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Hi chad,
We actually just deployed a bug fix that caused mistakes in API endpoint names not to show.
Publicly accessible endpoints cannot contain spaces by design, and while this was always the case, from now on it will be shown as an error.
Two options are to either remove spaces in order to have valid public-facing API endpoints, or just untick the “Make this endpoint public” checkbox, since internal endpoints are not subject to this rule.
As a general security advice, avoid exposing endpoints that are not meant to be publicly accessible, so we would also advise you to go over all the endpoints that may also not have a space and untick the “public” checkbox if you’re not accessing them from outside.

Thank you for bringing this up, and tell us if you experience further issues on this!


Hey Aless,

I have alot of end points that have space unfortunately, and have unchecked all the “expose as a public endpoint” box but I still get an error telling me to delete the spaces. Is that supposed to happen?



Hi Ian, we solved this small issue on our end, your app should be fixed, do tell us if you still have issues.
Sorry about that,

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