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7 Days Backup, but what if

What if I don’t make any changes for 7 days but I had made a big mistake the last time I used it; say 8 days ago. Does that mean I have 7 days of bad backups and now have way to recover to my last working version?

Please subtract anxiety… Thanks

Backups essentially track each change that you make so that you can go back in time to a specific second (not just day). This is very helpful at times.

Backups require extra storage space from Bubble’s infrastructure which is why they don’t provide all plans with infinite backup. As such, if you have 7 days backup and you want to go back 8 days, then you’re unable on the current plan you’re on.

I suspect you may be able to upgrade your plan and go back further (more expensive plans go back further), but I don’t know whether Bubble even stores more than 7 days worth of changes unless you’re on a more expensive plan.

I’m sure someone around here knows the answer to that though. In general, the Bubble team is very good about making sure you don’t end up in a ditch so I would guess that they have a way to go back further if you really need it, but would be smart to verify my assumption.

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