$700k of Bubble plugins acquired

A lot of money in Bubble plugin development…


Looks like these have been purchased… I’m guessing TechBlocks sold to a major agency :sweat_smile:


starting with a letter Z? :slight_smile:

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You said it, not me :laughing:

This tweet got me…

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I hope not because most of their plugins zuck.


Well I know most of us have strong thoughts about it but I’m just not sure how Bubble possibly thinks that monopolising the marketplace could possibly be a good idea!

I dream of the day Bubble filters plug-in search by a combination of relevance and ratings (as opposed to title contains keyword and usage). That’s why these plugins are worth $700k - ZQ isn’t buying the JS, they’re buying the position in the search results. It’d be amazing to see the search methodology change to benefit the Bubble developer and newer plugins rather than the incumbent :sweat_smile: