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9 inputs reflect at a progressbar (plugin)

Using progressbar plugin, in this case referring to a profile type (idea, project, business idea, startup and company, (in that order), and if the profile is idea, that is 18% “progress bar”, project is 35%, etc., the goal is to have a company, 90%.

Whereas would like to use the progressbar in more dynamic way, more specifically reflected upon 9 elements that are on the same profile, speaking about the business plan.

Rough idea is to reflect upon the progressbar, how much of the business plan (9 elements) input is provided.

How that can be done, but without loosing “data”, i.e. percentage - if e.g. there is no data in the first few elements, and than comes randomly at the next element, i.e. no order this time, rather actually data weight?

Thanks! Hope there are members who use the Progress Bar plugin :slight_smile:

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