A & B.co Cad/MDT

:star: A & B.Co :star:

•A & B.Co stands for American & Britain.Co.
•We are a non profitable company that sells roleplay related products and soon more.
•We collect are money and give it to charity bc are staff do this fun not the money.
•We are planning to sell everything a discord server needs and that is are goal.
•We also offer free logos and CAD/MDTs

                               :star: We Offer :star:

:white_large_square: Banners/Logos! :white_large_square:
:robot: Discord Bots Soon! :robot:
:computer: CAD/MDT Systems! :desktop:
:confetti_ball: Giveaways :confetti_ball:
:tada: Occasional Giveaways & Other Giveaway Draws
:thumbsup: And Much More! :thumbsup:

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Invite: https://discord.gg/Vs8Ncnq
Website: http://a-and-bco.simplesite.com/