A BIG quiz... What do you think?

Hi Bubblers… I launched my app a few weeks ago and I now have just over 450 users. It’s a coffee break quiz game… www.abigquiz.com

I have many features on my roadmap and I am ironing out bugs as I go. This is only a very part time thing for me, so it is a slowish process!

I would certainly appreciate your feedback as this is the first time I have launched anything that people seem to like.

Cheers in advance.


Congrats on the launch!

Now that you know people are interested in the functionality I would work on the UX and the UI while crunching those bugs.

All that before adding more functionality.

Thanks JonL. Any suggestions?

Just copy HQ app UI and then give it your own touch :slight_smile:

I’m very interested in how you got the exposure to get 450 people to even find about it within a couple weeks. To already have than many users is fantastic! :+1:

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Hi JonL. This is my own spin. Built from scratch. No templates. I meant any ideas as to how to specifically improve the UI or UX?

Beautiful implementation!
Would you consider selling this as a template?

I’m mostly interested in using the workflow logic behind the app as I’m in initial stages of planning a quiz app of my own! :smile:


Hi Sandro

I would need to tidy it up somewhat which I don’t really have time to do at the moment. But I am not a developer. It’s really just logic and wasn’t too complicated to do. Best of luck with it. Let me have a look when you’ve done.