A certification to assess devs level more accurately?

Hi everyone !
Before hiring people, teams ask for “experience”, or to show “projects you have worked on”, but those are often not really accurate indicators of one’s true level. I have been wondering for a while why there is no well established certification process that could accurately assess how fluent one is with bubble.

Anyway, with the explosion of no-code the last few years, and the astounding quantities of jobs offers and job seekers, it seems having some kind of trusted marker of skills that genuinely and only reflects someone’s level is a requirement. I’m thus looking to create such a platform.

What do you think about it ? Would it be a good idea ? Is there a catch I didn’t see ?
Would anyone be interested in testing my firsts prototypes to help me improve it and come up with a solid mvp ?

Thanks for reading, happy bubbling !


Sounds like a very needed tool. The processes of trial and error finding the right dev is very painful.

Also, sounds like an idea that can be monetized through partnerships with External bubble academies…

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My two cents: the best assessments/certifications are and will always be project portfolio and references…

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