A community of avid readers to discuss recommended books/articles with those who have read the same

Hey guys!

This is Harshala Chavan here from Mumbai, India. Being an avid reader, I like sharing my thoughts and takeaways from reads which present social networks that focus on followers and reach couldn’t satisfy.

Hence, I thought of building a new network that connects you with people who have exactly read the same book/article as you so that we can have an awesome discussion around it. We also facilitate offline (or online meetups) wherein small groups can come together and discuss particular books/articles that they have read, together.

I started off as an Instagram page with a community of 6000+ and Bubble has been the best thing that has happened to me - it enabled a non-tech person like me to develop this web app.

I am thankful to everyone in the forum, Youtube channels, and Bubble’s support team who have helped me throughout to build this app - it just wouldn’t have had been possible without you all!

Please check it here and do provide me with your feedback as to how I can improve, or any bugs you find:


I really like the design. well done harshala!

As sometimes the loading of the repeating group takes a while, consider having a loading wheel/icon while the RG is loading.

Yeah, the RGs take up a lot of time to load, even during the homepage. I do not understand how I should make them load faster? I am on the basic plan and the traffic isn’t so much that the RG’s should load so slow.

a few things you could do:
set state on page load or when you click a button on the way to the RG that have the search you need in them.

Then when you click the final button e.g. “entertainment” to show all entertainment related articles/books, to load that state in the repeating group instead of doing “display a list of things: do a search for”

or when you categorize a article/book to link it to entertainment
so when you click entertainment it shows entertainments list of articles instead of doing do a search for articles where entertainment is category.

hope that makes sense.

Hey, I did not get what you’re trying to say.

Right now I am using “display a list of things: do a search for” for the whole application as such.

Do you have a tutorial on making bubble websites faster?

Amazing recommendations! Thank you!

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hi, I found a way - in my repeating group, I converted it to extd vertical scrolling instead of the full list. That seems to have worked!

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