A Crypto Market Performance App

Hey Ya’ll,

I built a little tool over the weekend to help me save time scanning the market for buy/ sell opportunities in the crypto market. Although there are heaps of great crypto indexes out there, they all seem to be similar in design and you need to scroll and use pagination to view more assets. I built Coinbite.io to solve this problem. You have 200 coins all viewable at 1280px. They are filterable by hour/ day and week % gain/loss. Handy to nab overbought/ oversold opportunities quickly.

It’s a free service but thought to myself, hmm, I wonder if I could somehow monetise it without advertising etc. To that end I’ve included a quick link (when clicking a coin) to the exchange with the highest volume and included my referral link for the main exchanges (Binance etc). This way I get a little something on trades executed by the person signing up and that person also saves on fees.

I have a mobile version as well but obviously can’t show all 200 coins at once, so it’s really more desktop centric at this point. I literally spent 1 day on this so I’d call it an alpha version. Will continue to refine if I see traffic building and referrals being utilised.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Cheers, Greg


I thought to myself, there’s no way this simple thing will be used. And then I caught myself using it for 10 mins haha. Great job!

It’s a useful way to quickly compare cryptos and learn some new ones. Easier than all the googling I’ve done before

Haha yeah, simple and fast access to gains/ losses is really the focus here. 200 coins viewable without scrolling. I hope you used my referral link lol.