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A kind of music for working!

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It’s nice :smiley: though I prefer some lo-fi or ambient music, it doesn’t distract from working

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Ich liebe Carl Cox habe ich auch sehr oft gehört aber im Laufe der Zeit lass ich lieber Techno weg :slight_smile:
Was ich beim Arbeiten lieber höre, ist Thievery Corporation, Pink Floyd einfach Hintergrundmusik .

Happy New Year to all.
It’s been a 60s & 70s morning…
CSN&Y - Teach Your Children
Deep Purple - Made In Japan
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - The Inflated Tear

Frohes Neues Jahr an alle dir auchhhh :slight_smile:
Nouvelle Vauge
R.A.M Losing my religion

I just type music for concentration on youtube and it quite fits me for work.

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Я вообще на работе люблю слушать музыку на саксофоне очень красивые мелодии стимулируют работу и успокаивают.

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Check out this. It got me through some boring days lol. Or believe it or not, i listen to very aggresive rap music. Always found that to help with my ADD/ADHD. listening to some Freddie Dredd right now haha.

Thanks. I love soul 24/7 radio. Perfect for working