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A list of things in an email body

Hi, need help on something that should be quite basic.
I wan to add a list of things in an email body. I am using native email, nothing fancy.

I’m doing a search for the list of things's First Name search for a list of things's Last Name and search for list of things Event. It comes out in serial all First Names, all Last Names, all Events, rather than a list of First Last Event, First Last Event, etc

In code I’d do something like a for each and iterate over the list. I can’t seem to figure out how to do something (simple) in bubblish.

Pls advise. Thanks, Much!


Hey Mike,

This is because to the Bubble translator, this is what you’re telling it to do.

try this
assuming these are all the same type of thing
Do a search for the list of things:format as text

then try

this text's First name this text's Last name this texts Event and use a comma as your delimiter

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Well done! Yes that’s it. Thank you!


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