A Little Drag and Drop Fun

Hi @dan1,

Thanks again for the idea. I was able to implement it without having to resort to fixed drop areas, in other words, with two repeating groups. I hadn’t realised that a workflow thing instance is set implicitly when dragging an item, which is why this approach works I think. Typically, at least in my experience, you need to specifically set a workflow thing instance when calling a workflow that requires a workflow thing, but in the case of a drop area, it appears that this is not necessary.

A working example is here, for anyone interested.

One slight frustration is that if you set two RGs having the same data source to each be sorted randomly, they are both sorted in exactly the same random order as each other. I guess Bubble does this for efficiency, but I wish there was a way to force them to be independently randomly sorted. As it is, I’ve had to sort one randomly and the other alphabetically.

@patricia, nice work on the iOS-style slide to delete. I would have thought the click and drag events would be fairly distinct and distinguishable, but I guess it can get fiddly on touch screens.